1800Flowers – horrible order mess up, crappy service – do not order flowers from them!

1800Flowers scam and order screwup

Don't call 1800Flowers – you may get the worst screwup of you life as happened to me!

A relative of mine on my wife’s side had recently passed away. It was a sad situation and unfortunately due to business requirements and travel arrangements with my job we could not attend. So we wanted to make sure we sent some nice flowers and let them know that we were thinking of them and that we would be there as soon as we could.

So I called one 1800flowers and placed an order to have a nice arrangement of flowers along with a note of sympathy sent to my wife’s relatives. Everything seems fine over the phone. The lady I spoke to that took my order was very nice and polite and she even had me repeat what I wanted the sympathy note to say twice to make sure she got it correct and that there was no misspelling.

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So a few days passed and my wife got a very strange phone call from one of relatives. Apparently our choice of flowers or the 1800flower company had not gone over too well and my wife was in tears. I didn’t understand how this could be. I specifically told the lady at 1800flower that this was for relative of ours had passed away and it was to be a nice sympathy arrangement with a nicely written note expressing our sympathy of their loss.

Apparently, somehow, according to my wife after she calmed down, the flowers that got delivered were not sympathy flowers with a sympathy note. Somehow instead the order got mixed up and they were instead sent a congratulations bouquet with a note congratulating them on the new member of their family – they were sent a new baby birth congratulations package!

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That is not only unbelievable, it is such a horrible screwup that they should have safeguards of some sort place to make sure something that bad does not ever happen. That is just unacceptable. I ended up calling a flower store near my wives relatives and had them deliver a big sympathy bouquet and they did it correctly.  But the problem here is the damage has a ready been done.

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My wife’s relatives loss was a very sad situation which I will not go into here, but they did not need to be delivered in congratulations on your new baby bouquet of flowers and bright pink balloons.  I don’t think you could have a screw up worse than that.  I called 1800flowers about this screw up and they apologized and ended up refunding me for my order, but that still doesn’t repair the mess that they created.

After reading online all the problems and complaints that thousands of others have had with 1800flowers, I can only recommend that no one use their service.  They screw up orders, sometimes don’t even deliver orders, are hard to get a refund from, and worst-case scenario you could get a horrible screwup like mine!

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  1. Nadine Wiatr on September 26, 2010 at 8:05 PM

    that’s unbelievable.

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