181 FM Awesome 80′s free internet radio station review – this free online radio station is simply awesome!

181 FM Awesome 80's free internet radio station review

I found this amazing online radio station that you just have to check out – 181.fm Awesome 80's!

I had been looking for quite some time for an ideal radio station or two. I just purchased a Muzee usb internet radio dongle and it has made it so that I know have over 20,000 radio stations worldwide to listen to. So it took me a long while of trying different stations and genres of music, but I have found one station that just sticks out from all the rest – 181.fm Awesome 80′s.

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I listened to everything from alternative to top 40s to rock, hip hop and more. Then I found this Awesome 80′s channel with 181.fm and it is just smoking hot. It is loaded with hit after hit after hit. They have everything from Elton John, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, Bananarama, Belind Carlisle, Tears for Fears. Wham to REO Speedwagon and more. I even heard Eddie Murpheys 80′s hit and Jungle Boy.

What I love is that there are no bad songs. You know when you listen to your local radio station you get some good music and some music that you would rather not hear again. Well, its simply not that way at 181.fm Awesome 80′s. what I also love is that there is almost no ads or talk – just pure music, song after song.

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You also don’t need a Muzee dongle or Pandora to listen to this Awesome 80′s internet radio station. Just go to 181.fm and select Awesome 80′s and you are set to go. It will start playing the best 80′s music right through your computer’s speakers. There is no software that you need to download or install. It is simple and only great music.

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There are other stations or music choices and genres at 181.fm and they are all great, but in my opinion this Awesome 80′s channel just really sticks out – way out. It is just shear awesomeness – the best in 80′s music that I have heard anywhere. No talk shows or advertising – just great tunes from the 1980′s one after another.

If you like great 80′s music then you need to check out their website and listen to this free internet radio station – 181.fm. I guarantee that you will love it if you like 80′s music – I have yet to hear a song I don’t like on there.

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