5 Hour Energy – a review of this mass marketed energy supplement drink

5 hour energy scam drink

5 Hour Energy does not live up to the hype or its claims and is just a cheap shot of bad tasting caffeine!

By now I’m sure you have seen at least one five hour energy drink commercial or advertisement. It has been everywhere. It’s all over the TV, magazines and even on NASCAR vehicles as a major advertiser (on several cars raced by Rusty Wallace and his son Steve – whom looks like a classic example of an inbred moron). I’m starting to get annoyed by all the mass marketing for this energy shot or supplement.

So I decided against my better judgment to give it a try and review this supposedly great energy shot or drink. I usually abstain from energy drinks because they do not work. Unlike a cup of good coffee that can make you feel alert and still be intelligent at the same time, most energy drinks which are massmarketed to college students only give you the jitters and make it so you can’t sleep. They do nothing for helping you to study or retain information and think clearly.

So going into this I am a little biased against energy drinks of all kinds, but I will give it a fair review and test it for myself and tell you exactly what it does. So here goes, I went to Wal-Mart and just so happened that they were giving out free samples of 5 Hour Energy while I was there. They were either pouring it in little containers or they would give you a full 5 Hour Energy shot. I elected for the full shot so I could give it a complete review.

So I took the shot home imported out in a glass. According to the container it’s 2 ounces, but when I measured what was poured out it actually came out to be a little less at 1.75 ounces. That isn’t much of a difference for an energy drink but if you were talking about medicine or prescription drug that could make all the difference in the world. Now being that was a little bit less than that it might make some of the percent daily values on the back little off but it also has a disclaimer saying that these daily values are not established anyway.

So I looked at the container imported and it’s a pinkish fruity smelling liquid.  It smells like berries which makes sense as they have a small picture of blueberries and a cherry on the front by the 5 Hour Energy logo.  And I read the back or it warns that this product contains caffeine comparable to a cup of coffee.  This makes me a little hesitant because you could get the same from a caffeine pill and I know that caffeine pills are not effective for study aids and staying alert and awake.  They may make you stay awake with the jitters but that’s about it.

It also says because it contains niacin as niacinamide which does not sound very healthy, by the way, and that it will cause a flush or hot feeling skin redness that can last a few minutes by increasing blood flow near the skin.  This is exactly what it states on the label and also says do not take if you’re pregnant or nursing or under 12 years of age.  And it also says that it contains phenylalanine o phenylketonurics should abstain from this energy shot or drink.  Fortunately for this review I am not allergic to phenylalanine.

So as per the directions I drank the whole shot – all 1.75 ounces of it.  It tasted rather nasty and look at concentrated energy drink.  Now it promises on the label hours of energy now and no crash later.  It also states that sugar-free and has only 4 calories.  Whoa, I can already feel the caffeine and it does say you will feel it in minutes.  I felt it immediately, but it didn’t feel like the caffeine from a cup of coffee.  Instead it felt like the caffeine from a cheap caffeine pill which you can buy at one of these for the price of one bottle or shot of 5 hour energy.

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So right off the bat I think in my opinion that 5 Hour Energy is nothing more than the exact same thing that you get from a cheap caffeine pill.  And you can go to your local Wal-Mart or drugstore like Walgreens or CVS and buy a bunch of generic caffeine pills or similar for a few dollars.  And guess what?  I’m exactly right the feeling is no different than with cheap caffeine pills.  And their claim on the bottle that there is no crash later is a complete lie.  Within about two hours of taking it I already feel a major crash and feel like I haven’t slept in several days.  

Being that I slept well the previous night and was not overly tired or anything prior to taking the shot of 5 Hour Energy this is a bad result.  I later went to sleep for a few hours and got up and still felt kind of weird from having taken the 5 hour energy shot. 

So, basically in my opinion and from my findings of having tried 5 Hour Energy, I have found it to be a complete overmarketed scam with fraudulent claims. It is no different or better than remarketed generic caffeine pills in liquid form with a gross cherry flavor and smell.  All you are doing by buying this product is lining the marketing executives and CEO’s pockets along with those of Rusty and Steve Wallace whom in their advertising claim to regularly use 5 Hour Energy, but I live near them and know they do not use this product as they stay in their advertising. 

I unfortunately had the experience of growing up near Rusty Wallace when I was younger and found him to be a less than desirable member of the community.  When I was 18 I worked as a waiter at a restaurant named Woody’s which was really popular with racecar drivers and their pit crews.  One-time Rusty Wallace and some of his friends was in there and I was waiting on their table.  I treated them well like I did everyone while I was a waiter and he was the rudest customer I had ever had. 

He also left without paying his bill or the tip and one of his family members or friends felt so bad that they came back in upon finding this out and paid the bill and appologized for Rusty’s rudeness.  I will never forget how rude Rusty Wallace was and that was not the only time that this occurred.  He thought because he was a big-name racecar driver that he could do things like this and walk all over people lowly people like me – that’s exactly what he said once infront of his guests and other patrons that I was a lowly serf.  I was poor and had to work hard for my money, but that didn’t mean he had the right to treat me with such disrespect. I will never forget that.  But that does not impair nor impeed upon my review of 5 Hour Energy drink.  

I let the drink or shot stand on its own merits and it failed miserably.  It is just an overhyped product that does not live up to its claims.  You are better off saving your money and either taking cheap caffeine pills if that is what you want or just getting a cup of coffee and getting a more alert and better feeling out of it.  So I recommend that you avoid 5 Hour Energy and save your money for something better that might actually live up to its claims.  The drink tastes bad, doesn’t work well and there are far better alternatives out there.

I also recommend that you don’t have anything to do with Rusty Wallace racing or Steve Wallace as in my opinion Rusty Wallace is a very mean and rude person and again I will never forget the way he treated me when I was a lowly waiter at Woody’s back in the early 90′s. I may have been poor and you may be a rich race car driver, but that does not make his rude actions right and I will never forget that.

Rusty Wallace may be rich and have everything money can buy (and his son is a spoiled brat that without his father’s money and connections would be flipping burgers at Burger King), but I believe in God and the bible and I am a firm believer that when the good Lord calls us up he will set rude and evil people like Rusty Wallace straight in heaven and make them pay bigtime for all the rudeness and misdeeds they have done to lowly people like me here on earth.

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5 Responses to 5 Hour Energy – a review of this mass marketed energy supplement drink

  1. Shayarin Williams on July 11, 2010 at 6:41 PM

    Great story. I don’t like Rusty Wallace or his son either. Besides his son can’t drive worth a crap and keeps wrecking his vehicles. Maybe this is why Rusty Wallace racing has to sign up with all these scams because no one else that is reputable will sponsor their cars. Look at their history: US Fidelis (a proven huge auto insurance scam), Titlemax (another scam), and now 5 hour energy (another scam). Unbelievable! No liquor or beer manufacturer will put their name on his sons cars – that should tell you something. The kid can’t drive worth a crap and definitely does not belong in NASCAR!

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  2. Tom on July 18, 2010 at 11:52 PM

    That’s a funny, but believable story on Rusty Wallace. I met him once and he was a rude asshole. As for the product, 5 Hour Energy is okay, but I prefer Monster brand energy drinks.

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  3. Dessie Magaha on September 30, 2010 at 4:19 PM

    5 hour energy tastes like shit. I don’t like it and it is way too pricey. You can get far better for less.

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  4. Coady on July 27, 2011 at 11:48 PM

    I bought a extra strength 5 hour energy and here it is 2 hrs later and it still hasn’t kicked in.. Very pissed off WTF!!!!

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  5. Hotrod62 on July 4, 2012 at 3:52 PM

    First off, as others have mentioned, one difference is that you are drinking all the caffeine immediately instead of sipping a cup of coffee which will take what, 10-15 minutes?

    Also, people metabolize caffeine at different rates. This is genetic.

    There is a reason some people can drink coffee before they go to bed and sleep like a baby and others can’t drink coffee after 6:00 PM cause it will keep them up all night.

    Buy cheap caffeine pills (like No-Doz) and if you really feel the B vitamins help, take it with a generic multi-vitamin.

    Because this is not a drug, there are no controlled, double-blind studies. I also think the “placebo effect” may play a role here.

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