7Search pay per click review – are they a good PPC advertising resource for bloggers and webmasters?

7search pay per click advertising review

7search pay per click advertising was definitely the lowest paying PPC advertising resource I have ever seen!

Do you have a website or blog? Maybe you’re looking for other sources of advertising revenue or maybe you’re on the other side looking for places to advertise. Regardless, many people like myself have been looking into other areas besides Google’s Adwords ad adsense programs. I tried a company I read about in Website Magazine – 7search.com.

For my various blogs and related websites I have seen a decrease over time in the payout from Google’s adsense program. It is a continuing downward trend that apparently is not coming back up. So I am finding that I have to 10 to 20 extra pages of content to my website every month just to make the same amount I did in the previous month. That’s kind of like going four steps backward for every 10 steps you take forward.

So I’ve been trying all their various advertising avenues short of doing my own advertising. I tried Adbrite and was not pleased because I was having an average of $.30 CPM (basically, for every one thousand visitors I made $.30 on average). With Google adsense I was originally averaging around $10 CPM. That’s $10 per thousand visitors. But recently it had dropped to down around $4 CPM. But that still over 10 times the returns that I was getting with Adbrite, so Adbrite’s definitely not a good replacement.

I tried Bidvertiser which did have a higher CPM at about $1 CPM, but it had quite a few malware advertisments that I did not like or agree with. I did not want my readers being subjected to shady advertisemnts and possible malware. So that was out.

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Then I tried 7search.com. They are a pay per click search engine like Google adsense and are pretty easy to use. I placed their HTML code on my site and saw that they actually even update the ads every 10 or 15 seconds which is something that adsense does not even do. That seemed pretty neat to me.

So I gave it some time and waited and waited and waited. Apparently unlike Adbrite, Bidvertiser or Google Adsense, 7search had an extremely low click through rate. And the CPM was basically unmeasurable. In the same period of time that I would earn $1,000 from Google Adsense, I would earn around $70 with Adbrite, $150 or so with Bidvertiser and I only earned $.25 with 7search.

I tried messing around with the colors and all the different options to try and increase the click through and the payout. No matter what I seemed to do it never veered much north of $.25. I even added extra content and updated some of the content and that didn’t even work. And I did give it plenty of time on a website that gets well north of 75,000 unique visitors per month.

It is of my opinion that 7search.com has the lowest paying and worst pay per click (PPC) advertising program out there. Now on the other hand if you are an advertiser and not a publisher you may be able to get some dirt cheap traffic, but I believe in the old rule that you definitely get what you pay for. If you buy dirt cheap traffic, you receive dirt cheap traffic that doesn’t convert and isn’t worth anything.

7search.com is a complete waste of time.

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One Response to 7Search pay per click review – are they a good PPC advertising resource for bloggers and webmasters?

  1. Sam Streubel on December 2, 2011 at 9:08 PM

    I recently tried 7Search as an advertiser looking for a cheap way to promote a free ebook I just published. A couple of days into the campaign I checked the stats at 7Search. They showed 100+ clicks on my ad at a cost of around $20.

    I then check the stats at GetResponse, Google Analytics, and Yahoo web hosting. All showed 0 visitors to the landing page. I emailed 7Search with my concerns and was directed to a FAQs page for possible explanations for the discrepancy – none of which applied to my circumstances.

    Now a discrepancy is when you are charged for 100 clicks and you receive maybe 87 visitors; I could live with that. But 100+ clicks and 0 visitors is not a discrepancy.

    Rather than throw good money after bad, I said the hell with it and asked that my account be closed and the balance refunded. It’s been nearly two weeks since the request was made and I haven’t seen a refund or heard from them one way or the other.

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