9/11 Conspiracy theory – was it an inside job and was the government involved? You NEED to check this out!

911 Blue Print For Truth conspiracy review

You need to read this article and watch the videos on 9/11 truth as they will forever change the way you think about 9/11 and our government – yes, it was an inside job!

Well, it’s been about 10 years since 9/11 and the tragedy surrounding the Trade Center buidings. As with most tragic events of that size and caliber conspiracy theories have begun to mount one after the other. But the weird thing is that one of these conspiracy theories can’t be denied. This is the one that involves over 100 architects and engineers that have created a startling video about how 9/11 was really an inside job. To learn more about it and either support those working on the research attached to this theory or to purchase a copy of the unbelievable DVD presentation on it you need to visit AE911TRUTH.ORG.

You can also watch this amazing presentation by architect Richard Gage. It is very well presented and will prove to you without a shadow of a doubt that 9/11 was an inside job – it had to be. Watch the amazing video that will forever change the way you think about our government, George Bush and other politicians here:


the video is a little long and lengthy at an hour and a half, but when you get into it even just 10 minutes of watching it you will start to see that there is no way that those buildings being hit by a plane like that would have fallen straight down in the way that they did without some serious inside help. What kind of help might you ask? Well placed explosions on all of the weight-bearing pillars of the building set off to go in such a way that the building would implode straight down.

You see, the problem that we have here is that the fire from an airplane burns randomly and will go from area to area and will also burn out in areas where everything has been consumed. This would lead to a typical random burn pattern in most cases this would not have weakened the steel structures enough for them to start to fall down, but if it had they would tend to fall one way or another and not straight down. They would take the path of least resistance.

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These buildings were also super fortified when compared to the Empire State building back in the earlier part of this century which was hit by a large plane and it only suffered minimal damage to the floors were was hit. To make matters worse there are videos that clearly show that the planes that hit the twin towers were not the ones reported on the news. They were instead freight planes which didn’t have Windows. Maybe this is why George Bush was so calm when he was sitting with a bunch of schoolchildren that morning on 9/11 and one of his personnel or assistance told him that the first plane had hit one of the twin towers.

I’m not that tell you whether to believe in this or not. I am not by nature a big believer in any conspiracy theories whatsoever, but once you watch the above video it will for ever change your mind and you begin to wonder why this had to happen and why 5000 or so people in those buildings had to die. Was it for control of oil in the Middle East? Was it so that the government could get legislation that violate her constitutional rights passed like the patriot act? Maybe it was a bunch of different things put together. Whatever the case may be it was really, really shady and horrible.  Here is a link to all the high profile politicians and others that actually agree that 9/11 was an inside job:


I find it amazing that an American citizen caught shoplifting for food because their family is starving and they have no money due to the fallout and recession from unchecked corporate greed gets jail time and a criminal record – this actually happens all the time here in the USA – just check the criminal arrests for shoplifting that happen at Wal-Mart, but our government can go and murder 3000 to 5000 innocent people all in the name of politics.  Then they can get on the airwaves and news and lied to American citizens and pump them up over something completely false.

Then another bunch of these  American citizens die in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting a war with false premises.  I don’t think the American government should be able to get away with this.  It is time the government knows and fears the American people. And educated people and educated America is a good thing.  Not every conspiracy theory holds weight, but the one that’s listed above here with a link to the actual video is something you need to watch.  You will definitely change your views on what really occurred on 9/11 and who our government really is.

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One Response to 9/11 Conspiracy theory – was it an inside job and was the government involved? You NEED to check this out!

  1. Dwayne on October 23, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    Whoa! That’s some unbelievable stuff! I watched that whole video and you know what? You are absolutely right. It is 100% obvious the government did 9/11 and it was an inside job! There needs to be justice for this!

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