Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Kit Complaint – Horrible and Expensive Air Freshener Product

I recently bough new air fresheners for my house from Wal-Mart because they were relatively cheap.  I bought the Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Kit for around $7 and it included a refill for it.  I chose to buy the vanilla passion fragrance because I absolutely love vanilla.  I also bought this air freshener because I had a coupon for it as well and needed to buy one for the bathroom and the living room.

I have had the Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Kit for about a month now and I can’t stand the damn thing.  One major problem with the air freshener is that every time it goes off the spray is loud.  I always get the crap scared out of me because you never know when it is going to go off.  I have it set for the 36 minute setting because I used to have it at the shortest time and I had to buy refills already for it.

That leads me to the next problem that I have had with the Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Kit.  The refills are ridiculously expensive for the amount of time you have them for.  I have found that the lowest price you can buy them is $4.50 from Wal-Mart.  This price is without a coupon, but is still pricey since there are never any coupons in the paper nor online. 

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I found a coupon this past weekend in the Sunday paper for buy one get one free refills.  I was upset because this was for glade refills, but I decided to take a risk and see if they would work in the air wick air freshener too.  We have found that they are interchangeable so if you have any coupons for Glade go ahead and buy them.

Another problem that I have had with the Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Kit is the big bulky size.  They are not easy to hide at all no matter where you put them.  The only way you are able to hide them is if you put them behind your couch or something to that matter.  Overall they are a big waste of money everyone will notice them whether you have them hidden or not hidden.

The spray is so loud that my cats are always jumping due to getting frightened by the obnoxious spray.  I would not recommend anyone to buy the Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Kit no matter how cheap you are able to find it for.  You will wind up spending a lot of money in the future for the refills and for the 2 AA batteries you need to operate the damn thing.

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2 Responses to Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Kit Complaint – Horrible and Expensive Air Freshener Product

  1. Sandra Clay on June 17, 2011 at 5:05 PM

    The new packaging for Air Wick freshmatic ultra sucks. I have purchased this on multiple occasions and each time there is an issue with the spray nozzle being loose inside the top and when I try to place it on the can it won’t work. I usually buy the old packaging when available, but there was none this time. I am sick and tired of losing my money on these cans with these horrible dome-shaped tops. If this keeps up I will have to stop using your product. I love the product but I hate the packaging.

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  2. Maryann Moeller on June 3, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    I purchase an automatic spray unit and it makes noise like it sprays but nothing comes out. I made sure I have the right spray can but it does not work. I ended up buying a Glade sprayer and it does a good job. I have always used air wick products but this one is a dud. Maryann Moeller

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