Asian Garden Chinese restaurant review – great Chinese food and they give you big servings!

Asian Garden Chinese restaurant review

I have found a great Chinese restaurant here in Charlotte NC that has great food and big portions – the Asian Garden.

I love great Chinese food and lately I have found a new Chinese restaurant here in Charlotte, NC that just makes me have to say it’s awesome. I have been trying different Chinese restaurants in the North Charlotte area trying to find one that was close to where I live and had great food.

That is a task that is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of bad Chinese food out there and I am picky. I don’t want Chinese food that tastes like it was quickly thrown together or poured out of a bag of frozen food – I actually saw one chef at a local area Chinese restaurant on the south side of Charlotte do this. They must have been out of one of the entrées and used a bag of frozen food that could be bought at Wal-Mart or Food Lion.

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Well, anyway, I finally found a great Chinese food restaurant here on Harris Blvd. right next to the Food Lion and across the street from the gas station I buy my lottery tickets at. I didn’t know it was only a few miles from my house and it’s called the Asian Garden. They have a big menu and their prices are actually some of the lowest that I have seen in Charlotte.

Asian Garden
2925 E Wt Harris Blvd # B
Charlotte, NC 28213
(704) 509-2323

The first time I ate Chinese food from the Asian Garden restaurant I got take out. I like to have Chinese food once a week or so and I especially love to have it on the weekends right before or during a great movie. Lately my girlfriend and I have gotten addicted to the Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars and How I Met Your Mother. All great TV shows and very entertaining.

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I am very busy during the week so we record these shows with our Time Warner DVR and then we can play them back when we want (I love my DVR). Anyway, so I love to eat good Chinese food and watch a great TV show or movie. The first night I ordered food from the Asian Garden I ordered the Happy Family Chef’s special – which consisted of shrimp, sea scallops, chicken, beef, roast pork sauteed with vegetables and served with the Chef’s special sauce (this is how they describe it on their menu).

My girlfriend ordered the steamed Gourmet Garden. The Gourmet Garden had jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef and mixed vegetables and it was a part of their low fat diet – no sauce and everything was steamed. This was important to my girlfriend as she was just starting her p90-x workouts to get ready for summer.

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So I drove over to the Asian Garden, bought our food and it was ready when I got there – no waiting. I got it home and it was awesome. This was clearly some of the best Chinese food that I had ever had. Very tasty and there was lots of it too – very generous portions. Many Chinese restaurants around here charge more money, give less food and then to top it off their food does not compare to that of the Asian Garden.

I have now made the Asian Garden our Friday night Chinese food take out. I am no longer searching for a quality Chinese restaurant as we have one right here on Harris Blvd. and their food is amazing. Great place and nice staff. I highly reccomend them to anyone in Charlotte or nearby Harrisburg and Concord.

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