Auto Zone auto parts store review – its understaffed and has very, very long waits!

Auto Zone auto parts store review and complaint

Auto Zone has higher prices, longer lines and terrible customer service.

I went to the local Auto Zone auto parts store here on North Tryon St. hee in Charlotte NC. I was looking to get an oil filter for my car (apparently Wal-Mart does not stock the specific oil filter for my car so to have Wal-Mart change the oil in my car I have to buy an oil filter elsewhere and bring it to them) and replacement windshield wiper blades.

The prices for these items were a little bit high compared to what I was used to at stores like Wal-Mart. The oil filter price was more than three times the price of similar ones at Wal-Mart. And the price for the windshield wipers was higher at Auto Zone also. But I needed to get this done so I got in the very long line for the cashier counter and waited.

There was only one counter where the cashier was open. They had three or more empty counters and I couldn’t see any other employees besides one talking on the phone with what seemed to be their friend and definitely not a customer (you could tell by the converstation they were having).

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This was rude and ridiculous. Customers were having a hard time getting in the door because of the long line of customers waiting to pay for items. You would think that a national brand auto parts store like Auto Zone would think ahead and hire enough people so that the store was staffed enough where lines like this would not exist or at least be much more minimal.

If customers can’t get in the door and they can’t get through these lines to get to the rest of the store then they aren’t going to buy anything in there and they are going to leave and go across the street to Pep Boys. It must’ve taken over an hour to get through that line to the cashier. I could’ve had my oil changed and replaced my windshield wipers myself in that time or less.

Basically, if you need to go to an auto parts store I would definitely avoid this Auto Zone on North Tryon St. in Charlotte, NC. A week later I went back to get some oil treatment for my car and saw the huge lines – no surprise there. So I turned around and went to a nearby O’Reilly Auto Parts instead.

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2 Responses to Auto Zone auto parts store review – its understaffed and has very, very long waits!

  1. n/a on March 31, 2011 at 8:38 PM

    i live in blythe ca, i go into auto zone offten and there is a manager down here named ROBERT and i have noticed he brings his son to work with him often, this child is around the age rang of about 4. i asked him once if he felt it was safe to bring a small child to such a work place he said “what should i do when i cant get a sitter in the early moring?” i have personaly noticed this young child there more than 10-15 times in witch he was not being wached by the father and has the run of the store.
    this show that this store dose not review video tape and this manager is allowed to do as he pleasees!
    tape needs to be review and this man fired for endangering the welfare of his child!

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  2. bobby jr. on April 11, 2011 at 5:48 AM

    Dear n/a in Blythe CA: I enjoy being at my daddy’s work. I like cars. Mind your own fucking business.

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