Babygadget baby blog review – an interesting website for all kinds of baby and kid related items that is just downright cool.

BabyGadget baby blog website review

I found this great little baby blog website – – that you just have to see for yourself! A great website for mommies and pregnant mommies to be!

If you’re looking for something unique and stylish for your baby or child then you definitely need to check out the website is a wonderful baby blog written specifically for mommies and pregnant mommies to be. The blog takes the interesting fashionable approach to babyhood and is loaded with great pictures and items that you wish were in your local stores.

From fashionable artist rendered sippy cups to one-of-a-kind puzzles, bibs, etc… has them all – but they’re not for sale from the baby blog. These are mostly just reviews and pictures of interesting items that the blog owner has found and their ideas on them.

It’s kind of like a mishmash between pregnancy, babyhood and modern art. Many of the things you’ll find on this website like they belong in an art museum or art gallery, but was interesting as most of them are highly useful as everyday items. But being that they are items designed by artists and not sold for the most part on a large scale these items woul are probably expensive to say the least.

Some of these items you may not be able to get because they might be for sale only in certain countries or in Europe, but they are still need to look at. But you’d probably be able to get them for cheap soon enough because as with anything else if it is desirable and sells their will be a Chinese or similar Asian country counterfeiter making these items shortly if they haven’t already started.

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Then you can go to websites like Alibaba and others and find manufacturers and buy them in bulk for pennies on the dollar. This is how many businesses do business. For instance Wal-Mart is a very greedy corporation and even if a property has a patent on a design they will manufacture it anyway if it’s an item that is in high demand.

What Wal-Mart does is they set up a shell corporation which has virtually no assets and they have the items manufactured in a country like China for dirt cheap. Then they shoot these items to their shell corporation and then the shell corporation sells them and delivers these items to the Wal-Mart stores.

This way if they get caught with a patent infringement lawsuit they have plausible deniability and the suing company usually gets nothing but the shell corporation which has no assets. In any case, back to the baby blog were reviewing here, has great pictures and great ideas and is a wonderful blog targeted at women and families with little children.

It is also a great baby blog for pregnant and expectant mothers who want to get ideas for items for their baby showers and for when their babies are born. I highly recommend the website.

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