BadAss Coffee Company review – strange name, but great coffee, atmosphere and hot women!

BadAss Coffee Company review

I went to this new coffee shop I had never been to and was pleasantly surprised – BadAss coffee has great coffee and hot women!

The other day my Tassimo Coffee maker which I really liked broke down and it sputtered out some tar like substance that I just didn’t want to mess with, let alone clean up. So I headed out to look for a good coffee shop. I I’m not one to frequent coffee places like Starbucks – I find the employees are usually young and stupid and the atmosphere rather snooty or stuck up.

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So as I was driving around here in Cucamonga California I came upon this coffee shop with the most outrageous name I have ever seen for a coffeeshop or store for that matter – the BadAss Coffee Shop. Now I didn’t know if the choice of name is due to a temperamental donkey or if it’s like a coffee/biker bar. But the name interested me. So I went inside to get a cup of fresh java.

BadAss Coffee Company
11460 Kenyon Way, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701-9294
(909) 652-0755

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Inside I was greeted by a very nice lady (whom was quite cute by the way) and they were very nice. I got a great cup of coffee – far better than anything I’ve ever had at Starbucks. This place is great and it is also quite popular, but not snotty or stuck up like Starbucks. The coffee is great and I actually met several new friends while I was there that day. I really liked and still like the hot blond that was sipping a cup of joe and working on a crossword puzzle by herself.

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She had a hot tattoo on her back that I could see and I just had to go over and talk to her. At Starbucks I would have been told to get lost as that is just the way it is there, but not at BadAss coffee. The blond lady pointed to the seat next to her and invited me to join her. She even put away her crossword puzzle and focused on our conversation. She was hot and interesting – I liked that and we are going to a local festival here on next Saturday as a date.

I highly recommend Bad Ass coffee. They have great coffee, a very nice and relaxed atmosphere and hot chicks that hang out there – I should know as I am dating one of them. BadAss Coffee so beats Starbucks.

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