Been defrauded by University of Phoenix? Read this…

University of Phoenix investigation for class action lawsuit

An investigation for a possible class action lawsuit against the University of Phoenix has begun. Read below for more and for contact information if you have been hurt or deceived by the University of Phoenix.

We were just contacted by a private investigation firm that is apparently investigating into the business practices of University of Phoenix and how they may have deceptively enrolled students and possibly even lied to them about their prospects of getting a job and the quality of their education when they graduated.  Even right now Congress is reviewing whether to allow or to continue to allow federal financial aid funds to online universities like University of Phoenix.

Many employers like IBM specifically state in their employment applications to not bother with their application if you have attended a certain list of these online universities which includes University of Phoenix, Strayer University and numerous other online universities.  There has been quite a shadow over these universities as some of their procedures have been rather questionable when dealing with students.

Well, if you feel that you’ve been wronged by University of Phoenix and specifically University of Phoenix (as they did not mention that they were going after any other online universities currently) then you need to contact them and their e-mail address is listed below.  I copied and pasted the basic text of their contact to us:

We are a private investigation firm, with class action lawsuit lawyers on our side. We are on a hunt to bring this company, University of Phoenix of Apollo Group to justice, due to manipulation and theft of their company.

If anyone feels like they have been treated wrongly from University of Phoenix, UOP, Apollo Group, or any affiliates of this company please contact our fraud email

It is very important to inform us of your experience at their school. This will be a class action, civil suit.

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29 Responses to Been defrauded by University of Phoenix? Read this…

  1. ROBERT on September 28, 2010 at 5:08 AM

    I just started on Sept 13, 2010 and was told they would give me loans so I could take classes with a new PC and now they are saying different things right now. I feel something is not on the up and up. I feel sick to my stomach right now because I really was excited about a degree and now everything promised to me seems so far off away I can’t even believe I might have been suckered in to this. Contact me I need to talk to someone live on the phone. I am in Texas.

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  2. Scott Denoe on September 28, 2010 at 12:59 PM

    I attended University of Phoenix, but because I refused to take more classes when they no longer gave me financial aid they redid my grades and gave me failing grades when I previously had all A’s and B’s. I would like to sue them for everything they own.

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  3. Manda Yeater on October 5, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    Robert, The UOP has not lived up to it’s promises for many students. You may not get any answers from them. My husband and myself have both spent time waiting on them. My husband is still waiting on his federal grant money and is 24 credits into his degree. He has only received one issue of federal grant money. I decided to transfer. I have found that there are several on-line colleges who are cheaper per credit hour by almost a hundred dollars. If you are serious about wanting your degree look for a different school. Do your homework and google them for complaints. Look at how much they charge per credit hour. Look at their graduation rate with the Department of Education. You can withdraw at the end of your current block of classes. You just need to remember to submit your intent to withdraw before the next block of classes and do not access your ecampus site after the last day of your current class. Good luck, remember that it is your education and you are in control!

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  4. Tiffany on October 18, 2010 at 7:25 PM

    We just (hopefully!) ended a year long battle with University of Phoenix. Two different people failed to get my husband into his next class — they claimed vacation and illness for the two-month long lapse — then proceeded to revoke his tuition because he was out of compliance, and told us we had to pay almost $4000 to the school before they would fix it. This was after only taking two classes.

    We were already very upset with them because of their sales practices and lies told in the application process — my husband made it very clear we couldn’t afford out of pocket because I was laid off during my maternity leave when the UK company I worked for pulled out of the US. We were assured several times that UOP had a program that would cover the difference of whatever was not covered by FAFSA, but was also told we would be more than covered by FAFSA alone.

    This was not the case either, and they demanded $1800 immediately after the second week of the second class, letting us know we couldn’t proceed without paying it up front. From day one…they were lying, they were pushing us to do something we told them we couldn’t financially do…and it eventually led to us filing formal complaints with The Office of the Ombudsmen for FAFSA, with the school (which was very quickly ignored), with the Office of Accredidation and BBB (which was declined because a product was not sold to us).

    I have all the emails to prove what happened and transpired. They eventually waived our balance to zero when the office of the ombudsmen opened an investigation after reading an emailed agreement from the school that they later refused because conveniently, time had run out!! Good luck ~ while this set us back an entire year for my husband to complete his bachelor’s degree, we are SOOOOOOOOO happy to no longer be associated with them! Not worth it in my book!

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  5. Melissa on October 21, 2010 at 4:24 PM

    How can I get more information on this lawsuit? I am now having to deal with the university of phoenix regarding a past due tuition amount. After going to the school for a year I failed a class due to a medical condition and not being able to turn in my homework. They then proceeded to tell me my funds were returned to the lender and now I had to pay $1600 for the failed class. Now they are threatening me with reporting me to the collection agencies and so forth.They asked if I could access money out of my 401 k to pay them otherwise my options were limited. Meanwhile I have no proof that they in fact returned this money to the lender. This seems like a scam to me, this school needs to be shut down.

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  6. Michelle on November 4, 2010 at 5:43 PM

    I have taken a total of four courses with UOP. An issue came up that kept me from completing my assignment. I thought my opportunities to complete the class and get a good grade were over. I had A’s in my previous courses. I was ready to withdraw from the class and when I talked to the advisor she told me I had to talk to the financial aid counselor to see how this would affect my financial aid.

    The financial aid advisor indicated if I withdraw from the class I will be responsible to pay the university because I did not complete the course. I called the professor who told me technically I had three days to turn in my homework with a deduction of 10% per day. I did everything in the world to complete the assignment and I am currently trying to finish the course. I have so much stress!

    When I was signing up for UOP I tried to tell them I had no time, I had toddler children, I had a career and a good full time job, so there was no need for me to go on with it. The recruiter insisted in such a way I felt they were selling me a timeshare and I bought it! They never mentioned if I had to withdraw I will have to pay the money to the UOP (I thought only needed to pay the Lender).

    Now I will be on a Leave of Absence. I feel I cannot complete this degree without neglecting my family and my work. I made my choices to take the classes, but I felt there was deceiving involved when they were trying to recruit me. Maybe they did not lie, but concealed information… Is there any exit?

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  7. Jane Yops on November 15, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    I dropped a class at the University of Phoenix. I had gotten really sick and asked 2 weeks before I actually did it, if it would be a problem and they didn’t say anything. Had they mentioned at all that if I did this I would owe $924 for that one class I obviously wouldn’t have done it.

    After that I tried to get into another school and was told I need a withdrawl letter from the University of Phoenix and called them to get it. They told me they were not going to give it to me and there was a corporate hold on my acct. because I owe the money and told me I could file a formal grievance and have them investigate it. Which I did. I got a letter in the mail a week later, they didn’t even look at it. They just told me I still owe the money.

    Everest told me that the letter is for my protection so that Phoenix can’t claim I am going there and ask for more money. I told Phoenix I know that, it made no difference. Everest also told me to threaten to report them to the board of education and that didn’t work either. Nothing worked.

    Everest gave me an address to report the University of Phoenix to the board of education. I figure if we all do this together we can get some kind of result or at least have them investigated:

    Arizona State Board of Education
    1535 West Jefferson, Bin 11
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
    Executive Director: Vince Yanez
    Tel: (602) 542-5057
    Fax: (602) 542-3046

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  8. Jo Ann Ellis on December 6, 2010 at 9:46 PM

    Is there a way to transfer from UOP without owing them money? Currently I have a credit toward me, but I want to transfer. They told me today if I withdrawal I will end up owing them money. I cannot figure how they do this. They never mention this when you enroll, that you cannot leave without owing them. Plus, I will not be able to get certification by taking their program, they are not approved by AHIMA or anyone else worth anything. I have asked for a list of employer’s in August that would hire someone with a degree from them, they never gave me an answer because employers don’t hire their students. If anyone has figured out how to leave without owe them (uop) money, I would appreciate it. I know I owe for my student loans, unfortunately.

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  9. Marilyn on January 5, 2011 at 10:40 PM


    I just graduated from UOP and contacted the AHIMA to see if they accepted UOP and was told no that they were not accredited through CAHIIM. I was aware that the university would not issue certifications, but I was not aware that their curriculum was not accepted for accreditation, so the last two years and $23,000 later with an Associate degree I have nothing because without the certification from the AHIMA for the RHIT certification I will not be hired. Is anyone else having this problem.

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  10. Gail on January 23, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    I was a student of U O P but ONLY because I thought i was getting a GED!!!!! Yes thats right…. They told me they offered a GED program and enrolled me in classes, got me loan money and I only have a 6th grade education. THEY FREAKIN FLAT OUT LIED TO ME.
    Now I owe a HUGE student loan after I dropped out when i realized that i was in a college course…..I ONLY FOUND THIS OUT WHEN I WAS TALKING TO A NEIGHBOR OF MINE AND SHE WAS SHOWING ME WHAT CLASSES SHE WAS TAKING….I WAS IN THE SAME ONES.
    I recieve ssi and have NO money to pay back this loan i recieved based on a lie…..U O P told me my pay back payments would only be 20 a month…. I hope someone sues them and closes them down FOREVER!

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