Best Buy Complaint – Rude Associates and Absolutely No Customer Service Provided!

Electronic store filled with rude employees and horrible customer service!

Tonight I went to Best Buy to look for a lcd television in which I was planning to put into my spare bedroom.  This would allow any friends or family members to be able to watch any programs before bed or when they wake up in the morning.  I had done some research on lcd televisions, so I was fairly confident in what I wanted to purchase.

When I got to Best Buy and walked into the store, I headed straight to the television department.  When I got to the department there was no one around.  Even though there was no one around, I decided to go directly and look to see what they had on display.  I wanted to get a smaller television because it would fit perfectly in the size of the room it is. 

I went and looked at the lcd televisions that were in the size range of 22’’ to 26’’.  I had found a lot of Dynex lcd televisions, and only one insigniaand samsung lcd television.  I had seen a 26’’ dynex lcd television for $199 and I thought that was a great price. However I had taken a step back and looked at all the lcd televisions in that size range.  I noticed that all of them were 720p resolution and of course 60hz. 

I was really surprised that they only had one lcd televsion in 1080p in the 22’ to 26’’ range.  I decided to go ahead and buy the Dynex 22’ lcd 720p lcd television because of the low price and not so much for the quality.  I then looked below to see if they had any in stock, but they were all sold out.  I then looked above to see if they had any in their overhead stock and I saw an Insignia 22’’ 1080p lcd television.  I was very shocked to see that because they didn’t have it on any of their displays.

Since the Insignia lcd television was above where I could reach, I needed an associate to help assist me.  Like I said earlier there were barley any associates working nor any who wanted to help me.  I had seen an associate who had a black earpiece on so I thought he might be a supervisor.  Knowing he might be a supervisor, I thought he would be one of the top most people to want to help me.  That was the exact opposite of what I was given.

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I had asked him if he could get a lcd television down from the overhead storage and he hesitated to even come over to where I needed him.  He kept on holding his earpiece and talking over the headset.  It was very fustrating because it was like talking to a dog, where they sometimes listen to your command.  After he was done acting like I was not important, he headed over and took the lcd television down.

He then gave me the television and started to take off without asking me if I needed any other help from him.  I had then asked him if he was able to get the price of the television for me.  He then took the computer over to the checkout desk near in the department.  He told me that the 22’’ 1080p Insignia lcd television was only $250 and I could purchase a 4 year warranty for ony $29.99.  I told him that I wanted to purchase the whole package and he told me that he could ring me up right there.

As he was ringing the computer up I had asked him to scan my rewards card but he told me that he could just enter my phone number.  He then asked for it and I had started telling him the area code but he then once again started talking to another damn asscociate.  I was thinking about just walking out because it was the worst customer service I have ever received.  When he was done talking with that associate he came back to entering my phone number in to the computer but forgot what he was doing.  I had to then repeat myself and tell him my phone number.  I then had told him that I wanted to put the Insignia lcd television on my best buy credit card and pay the warranty in cash.  When I went to hand him the cash he told me that he would have to take me up to the front registers to finish the transaction.  I was so aggrevated at this point and I will never go back to Best Buy ever again!

I needed to leave because I had to be at work within the hour, but I thought I would never be able to leave because the rude and inconsiderate management wouldn’t just do their job correctly and treat the customer with all due respect.  After being in the store for an hour I was able to leave with my new lcd television and completely stressed out!! Best Buy associates are absolutely rude and horrible with their customers! If you want to receive horrible customer servicd and be treated like you are not a customer, then go to Best Buy.

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2 Responses to Best Buy Complaint – Rude Associates and Absolutely No Customer Service Provided!

  1. Dom on March 12, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    They are the worst, I just canceled my account.

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  2. Barbara on June 22, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    In this economy I cannot believe that this store is still in business. I happened across one in Santa Fe, NM. Absolutely awful. SO many employees on the floor yet not one asked me if I needed any help. Two walked right in front of me knowing that I was intentionally looking for something. Another was looking around like he was trying to appear to be working. Best Buy has lazy employees who really don’t care and that is a huge reflection on the management. Employees are only as good as the managers. When I mentioned to the cashier that I wasn’t offered any help, she didn’t care. She asked me if I wanted to talk to the manager but, hey, if she didn’t care, I would assume that the manager wouldn’t either. Why waste my time.

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