Best Halloween costumes of 2010 – here’s what’s super hot in halloween costumes for this year!

Best halloween costumes of 2010

Want to know what are the best Halloween costumes of 2010? Here they are along with some great tips and ideas that you have to read…

So you want to know what’s hot in Halloween costumes this year, right? What are the hottest Halloween costumes of 2010? A good tip is usually to look at this year and the previous years hottest movies. Generally characters from those movies whether they were for adults or for children will be a major component of what costumes are hot.

Because of one hot movie Zombieland you will see lots of the undead. Zombies come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc… ever since The Night of the Living Dead zombies have always been a major part of Halloween costumes over the years. It used to be that zombies were always seen as slow-moving, sluggish creatures but that all changed with the movie Dawn of the Dead. Zombies then became seen as fast-moving crazy undead nasties that just wanted to devour every one.

In kids movies Toy Story 3 is a big hit with all the original characters like Woody, Buzz light year, and the potato heads. It also now has new characters like the evil purple bear Flotso, Big Baby and the jelly octopus. Another big hit with kids was the movie How to Train your Dragon. This movie is becoming more popular every day as not only do kids like it but adults really liked the movie too.

The most popular characters from How To Train Your Dragon that kids want to dress up as in costumes for halloween are of course the dragons. There are several dragons to choose from including the infamous Night Fury (the main Dragon character in the film). The lesser characters (the Vikings) would make for interesting costumes, but children have really close little if any interest in those characters.

Other costumes that are hot are dressing up like Lady Gaga. There are many different outfits that she is worn in her concerts that people can aspire to look like. I don’t think anyone’s going to try and top or equal her meat dress from the awards show. The most popular of Lady Gaga’s outfits is the blue dress with the platinum flat hair.

Of course, due to the recent increase in vampire related movies and TV shows, being a bloodthirsty member of the undead – a vampire – is becoming quite popular also. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, vampires of all shapes, colors, etc… are popular. A cool costume that I saw the other day was actually an ice vampire. This one’s a little harder to achieve with the makeup but there are some makeup kits out there I saw at Party City that make this ice, frosty skin easier to achieve.

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It is a pretty cool looking costume to be an ice vampire, you just can’t plan on kissing or touching anyone with your face as I will ruin the makeup. He also would have to watch what you eat and drink during the night. And that’s the important part of planning out your Halloween costume. You don’t want something that makes you uncomfortable at a party or while trick-or-treating.

This year for adults some of the hottest halloween costumes for 2010 will be various female undead hotties. That includes sexy vampires, she devils, and just plain bad girls. Men like hot women dressed like sexy cops, convicts, fire women, etc… just about anything or you can remove half of the clothes, but still look the part and super sexy.

The old French maid is out and is seen as dull and boring. Albeit you will probably still see a few of these out there at adult parties. But generally, those dressing up as a French maid will not be seen as being very creative. If you really want to stick out and make a scene every where you go then dressing up like a baby is the ultimate costume for a guy. Just take a bed sheet and fold it up to make a diaper out of it. Get a few baby pins to hold it together and maybe carry a baby blanket in case it gets cold.

If you’re single and you’re a guy and you want a costume that just about guarantees your going to hookup with the ladies then there is no equal to the baby costume. There is one catch though, you must have a great, chiseled body. If you don’t work out all the time and have a hard body this could actually backfire on you.

So there you have it. The best halloween costumes of 2010 and what is going to be a hot halloween costume regardless if your child or adult, male or female. There’s something here that will definitely make you the life of the party.

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  1. Medo on January 14, 2011 at 3:49 AM

    I was looking for some great costume ideas for a retro party I have coming up. Thanks for the great info.

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