BJ’s Wholesale Club Complaint – Rude Customer Service Has Turned Me To Cancel My Membership

Tonight (11/20/11) my girlfriend and I went to BJ’s Wholesale because we had a lot of things we needed to get for the house.  We also had a lot of coupons that would save us a lot of money in the end.  Before we had left to BJ’s Wholesale in Concord, NC we went through all our coupons to see what we had.  We had noticed that some of the coupons had expired on 11/16.

On the trip that I had taken previously, I had gone up to the customer service desk and asked them if they accepted any expired coupons.  The woman had told me that they accepted the coupons up till a week after the expiration date.  I was shocked when she had told me that I could use them up to a week after that but I had made sure that I heard it correctly. 

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I had most definitely heard it correctly therefore we had brought the coupons along.  As we were heading around the store and getting everything we needed, there were about 5 items that were out of stock.  It really pissed me off that there were out of these items because I had other coupons expiring today.   We had been around the store for an hour shopping around and we finally were able to be going to the register. 

When we had unloaded all the groceries and were all done with scanning, it was time to use our coupons.  We started to scan our coupons and the first one wouldn’t scan.  I figured that we would just need to have an associate come over and approve the coupons.  When a lady came over named Jeanette and she was a complete bitch! 

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She had come over to the u-scan and had told me that the coupons were expired.  I had told her that the lady at the service desk told me that I was able to use the coupons till a week over the expiration date.  She had told me that I don’t know who told you that but that is not true, that is not what we do here at BJ’s.  I was pissed because I was about to spend almost $200 and she wanted to stiff me about $8 in coupons.

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I know I am not a top manager or an owner of a company, but I do know the basics of business.  I would rather have consumers coming back and shopping at my store because they are happy with the overall service.  I can tell you that I am cancelling my membership when I am in that area tomorrow and not returning ever again. 

Bj’s Wholesale can stuff it and be rude to someone else, but I will not take that coming from a store where I spend $200 and they are not appreciative of it.  Goodbye and I hope this will be seen by other consumers!!!

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