BJ’s Wholesale Club Review – Low Prices, Clean Store, and Amazing Coupon Policy

A couple weeks ago I was looking around at getting a membership to a food warehouse around where I live. I live in Charlotte and have access to a lot of different warehouses such as BJ’s Wholesale Club, Sam’s Club, and Costco. I really have heard many good reviews on BJ’s Warehouse so my girlfriend and I decided to go ahead and purchase a membership.

In the mail this past week, we had received a coupon for $10 off a membership so it was only going to be $40 total instead of the $50. As we were signing up for the membership we were handed a coupon book that had a lot of great coupons inside for what we needed to buy. We were also told that we would be receiving these in the mail every month until our membership expires.

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A huge reason that my girlfriend and I decided to buy a BJ’s Wholesale Club membership was the ability to use multiple manufacturer coupons on a multi-pack. On top of using multiple manufacturer coupons, you are also able to use any BJ’s Wholesale coupons that might be available that week. For example if you have a pack of three Heinz Ketchup, then you could use three coupons such as “$1.00 off one Heinz ketchup”.

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This is a huge way to save money on many of different products that you shop for day in and day out. As we began walking around the store we had found many display stations that provided samples of different foods. It was like going to lunch without paying for it, which was awesome because I was starving!! I later found out that they do the display stations every weekend and there are different product samples each time.

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We will be going to BJ’s Wholesale on the weekend to shop so that we can have some lunch along with our weekly shopping. This was pretty cool to see since there are not many other stores that do this for their customers. I was very happy to see how clean the overall feel of BJ’s Wholesale was and how the overall layout was very comfortable. I really enjoy shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club and will renew my membership year after year.

I would recommend BJ’s Wholesale Club to anyone looking to save some money by being able to purchase goods in bulk. Many of your household items such as milk is cheaper and that is a single gallon of milk. Another example is laundry detergent which is way cheaper than buying it at your local store. Another saving is on gasoline, which is most likely cheaper than any gas station around town. If you simply want to save money, then buy a BJ’s Wholesale membership.

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