Bloom grocery store review – nice and convenient but prices are way too high!

Bloom grocery store review

I went to Blooms grocery store and found that their prices were just too high when compared with other nearby grocery stores.

I decided to go to a different grocery store today. I remembered that there was a bloom grocery store nearby my house on North Tryon street here in Charlotte, NC so I decided to make a swing by there and pick up a few things for dinner and other things. I had never been to bloom before so I decided to give it a try.

Once I got inside I noticed that the prices were far higher for just about everything than Wal-Mart. I noticed there was two prices on some things because you had to have a VIP or similar card to get the discounted price just like they had at Harris Teeter. Even at the discount price they were still above Wal-Mart.

Their prices were also above Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club – I usually go to these places to get meats and grocery items that I buy in bulk. The only decent deal they had that I could find was on broccoli crowns and salmon fillets. Salmon fillets, if I remember correctly at BJ’s, were around $7.99 per pound and they were $6.99 a pound there at Blooms. Also the broccoli crowns and florette’s were about $.25 cheaper per pound, but these were both sale prices and not the regular prices.

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The prices that I just listed from BJ’s Wholesale club are normal prices and not sale prices. so You don’t have to worry about things being on sale at BJ’s you just go there and you will pretty much find that the items are the same price every time. Whereas with Bloom you need to go there when they have a sale on whatever it is you want because otherwise you are going to pay way too much.

And I’m not a fan of Broccoli. The prices they have with the frequent shopper card that they have there are reasonable, but most other items are not on discount and are much higher priced than most other area grocery stores. for instance I can get a 24 pack of Coors Lite beer for $14.99 or so at BJ’s wholesale club. that same 24 pack of beer would be over $20 at Bloom. That’s a $5 to $6 dollar difference right there on just one item!

Don’t get me wrong, the store is nice and the employees are friendly, but their prices are just a little too high for my tastes. With a Wal-Mart superstore less then 1 mile away and a BJ’s Wholesale and Sam’s Club nearby I can get far better prices on everything I need.

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