Bruster’s Ice Cream Parlor Compliment – Amazing and Delicious Ice Cream with Awesome Promotions!

When my family and I go out for ice cream, we always go to Bruster’s.  Bruster’s ice cream is the best ice cream I have ever had in my entire life.  Every time we go, I always order the white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream.  We go to Brusters because of their amazing customer service and of course their amazing quality ice cream. 

Bruster’s ice cream is very creamy and full of delicious flavors.  The prices at Bruster’s are very reasonable for the amount of ice cream you receive.  I order the single scoop in a waffle cone and I have a hard time finishing it.  I am always so full that I think my family needs to roll me to the car! 

Bruster’s menu includes waffle cones, splits, blasts, smoothies, shakes, pies, ice cream cakes, and also sundaes.  Another great part to Brusters is the promotions they run all season long.  One great promotion is called Banana Thursday.  This entails that a customer can bring a banana to Bruster’s and they will pay only half price the original price of a banana split.  So in the end, you provide the banana and Bruster’s will provide the ice cream and the toppings.

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Another great promotion at Brusters is called the “Quart Club”.  This promotion entails that after ordering your sixth quart of ice cream, you will receive the seventh quart for free.  This plays out nice if you are the type that stops at Bruster’s and brings home ice cream for the whole family.  Brusters will give you a card that they punch and then when you receive your free seventh quart you turn it in and start all over again. 

The next promotion that they have is an older generation oriented promotion called the “Kid at Heart Club”.  This club is for the opposite generation that you would think it would be for.  It is for customers that are over 60 and gives them $.25 cents off their purchase every time they go to Brusters. 

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 The true kid’s promotion allows any child that is less than 40 inches tall receive a free Baby Cone.  This is to allow even the smallest family member enjoy everyone’s favorite food, ice cream!  Even though this promotion if for the smallest family member, they still didn’t leave out the other small family member, the dog.  Bruster’s even has a promotion for the family dog, which is “Doggie Sundae”.  This entails the family dog to get a free doggie sundae whatever day you go.

 The last promotion that Brusters offer is called “PJ Day”.  When Bruster’s has its official PJ Day, anyone can roll out of bed in their PJ’s and receive a free single scoop waffle cone for free.  Although this promotion is ran once a year, it is awesome to roll right out of bed and head to the ice cream parlor for a free treat.    

Even though Bruster’s has many promotions for money saving opportunities, you still can find coupons in the clipper magazine, Entertainment book, and also the Bruster’s club that you can sign up on their homepage.  When you sign up on the home page, you will receive emails that have all sorts of coupons and notifications about certain deals.  These deals include buy one, get one free single scoop waffle cone, couple cents off your purchase, or savings on a cake.  I highly recommend everyone to go to Bruster’s and try their amazing and delicious ice cream.

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2 Responses to Bruster’s Ice Cream Parlor Compliment – Amazing and Delicious Ice Cream with Awesome Promotions!

  1. barry on March 29, 2011 at 12:51 PM

    The store manager, SANTO, at the Prattville, Alabama store told me that if there were a particular ice cream not on the menu, they could make it for me, but I would need to get a half gallon and let them know a day ahead so they could prepare it. Last Friday March 25, 2011, I went to the Prattville store and I spoke with Jennifer and requested a half gallon of hersey chocalate at the Bruster’s store in Prattville and she called the manager, SANTO and he told her I would need to get a gallon and I told her that were not what he had told me before, she relaid the message and he told her if I would wait three days than he would make my request. This is very unprofessional. I frequent this business on a regular basic and as a customer if this is how I am going to be treated I will have to go somewhere else.

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  2. Alisha N on August 2, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    I went to the Busters Ice Cream Shop located in Albany Georgia and received the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. The woman, whom I believe to the owner (elderly, Caucasian, blonde hair with gray) was highly unprofessional. So much so that I cancelled my order on the spot (as much as I love butter pecan). After experiencing the death of a loved one two days prior, her attitude was the very last thing that I needed.

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