Burger King restaurant and slave labor – they make you work too hard for minimum wage at BK!

Burger King restaurant and slave labor

I worked at a Burger King and it sucked – it was slave labor to say the least!

I worked at a Burger King here in Dallas Texas and the manager that I worked for was a total jackass slave driver. He had me take a 3M scouring pad and a bucket of water and scrub the floor of the entire restaurant. Then he had me cleaning stuff in hot scalding water and bleach.

I smelled like a badly burned french fry when I got done. Every day that I worked there went really slow and took for ever. After a few weeks of being a low life peopn I was finally trained on how to make food and I could do anything in the kitchen. They gave me a $.25 raise for all that – so I was just $.25 over minimum wage. Hardly enough to by a few packs of baseball cards.

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Regardless of whether I was in the kitchen or not I was always being put to work. The only time I wasn’t was when I was taking a mandatory break and the counted the seconds on their watch and put you right back to work. The idea was to get as much slave labor out of the employees as possible.

When things were slow they always found things for us to do. The managers sat back and talked about football games and good times while the employees had to work and work hard constantly. From scraping the floors, to doing the dishes, to cleaning machines and the fry machine it didn’t matter.

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I was always so exhausted after working a shift at Burger King that all I could do was fall asleep when I got home. I would literally be a walking zombie until I got home and then I would pass out on the couch with my work clothes on – that also ruined the living room couch as it smelled of burnt grease and french fries.

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They really work you hard at Burger King and they don’t pay very well at all – minimum wage and barely over it. There was a poster in the kitchen called steps to success – I think its more like steps to the grave. They don’t pay crap at BK and I ended up quiting and getting a far better job that pays me more then the manager at Burger King!

Burger King sucks – besides I can only hint at all the bad stuff I have seen – burgers dropped on the floor and then wrapped back up and given to customers, food spit in, drinks that were mixed or watered down to get back at a crabby customer – yes, I have seen it all – I worked there. If I were you I would stay far away from any Burger King!

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5 Responses to Burger King restaurant and slave labor – they make you work too hard for minimum wage at BK!

  1. tiffany on April 8, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    i think its funny that you say that. i’m a third shift server/shake maker/drive thru attendant/janitor. i am the only server there all night and there is one cook and no manager… not only do i have a tough time keeping up with any kind of rush, but i also have the fear of being robbed. this job prior to my hiring paid minimum wage plus tips… i now make 4.65 an hour along with tips. THAT is slave labor if you ask me.

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  2. tiffany on April 8, 2011 at 4:27 PM

    that’s steak n shake i work at, sorry about that.

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  3. ekora on June 18, 2011 at 8:48 AM

    Wow. Boo hoo. You can’t stand around and do nothing and get paid for it?!! That’s outrageous! /sarcasm. You get paid a good wage for a job that is a complete joke. I DARE you to go anywhere else where they actually work and see what it’s like. Stop playing xbox all night, get some sleep, and eat something besides french fries, and maybe you’d find that the job is a lot easier. No company is going to pay you to sit on your ass all day, dude!

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  4. anonymous on June 26, 2011 at 8:08 PM

    ^^^ actually, what he’s saying isn’t a joke. at burger king, or the one i’m at, were not allowed to work more than two people until 11 in the afternoon…which means from 5 am till 11am one person is taking orders up front AND in drive thru, while one person slaves away making everything, which wouldn’t be a big deal if this was one of your corner drive ins that made 500 dollars a day. the store i work at makes 3000 a day, and, with people ordering 20 to 30 dollar orders at a time, that is more than insane. not to mention in between all this, your running labor, cleaning tables, taking out garabage, stocking, making drinks, jumping back to help in the kitchen, because did i mention, the speed of service has to be 2 minutes? which is ridiculous, because 80% of our customers, take an average 1:45 to order! your not allowed to have voids (when someone changes their order due to lack of money, etc) or else you can be suspended. you can’t have a high speed of service, or you can be suspended. too high of labor, which usually 15% is way too high, you can lose your job, because you have to work off the clock and i have yet to see any of my hours given to me! (i know, why should you work off the clock, well if the people didn’t work off the clock you would have either no kitchen person or no cashier!! ) and no one gets trained. NO ONE. you have to learn it all yourself, otherwise they’ll cut your hours, which takes a month and a half from getting hired to actually start working, because they call the new hires off EVERYDAY THEY’RE SCHEDULED. i don’t know. none of the managers seem to know what they are doing, and i don’t mean the ones in stores. something so simple to raise profits and allow more employees to work, at least to give the illusion we are staffed and going to service you quick and with quality products, doesn’t seem to make sense to them. :(

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  5. eCRO47 on May 26, 2012 at 2:30 PM

    dude it completly blows ass. i just started working there, and im quiting today, NO TRAINING and it SUCKS

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