Caribou Coffee shop review – great coffee, great people and a great place to get work done on your laptop.

Caribou Coffee shop review and compliment

Caribou Coffee is the best place for a great cup of joe and for getting work done on your laptop.

I must say I love a good cup of Joe. Sometimes I don’t have time to make coffee at my house in those times and buying coffee at one of the many local coffee shops. I’ve been to Starbucks and more, but what I really like is the coffee at Caribou Coffee. Their coffee is far superior to Starbucks and the atmosphere isn’t as stuffy.

They always have a mild coffee already brewed and ready to go. And they have a natural cane sugar that just makes one’s coffee taste that much better. I prefer the Caribou Coffee store located off Mallard Creek Church Road here in Charlotte NC. It’s nowhere as near as crowded as any of the other coffee shops in the area and their coffee is always superb.

What I hate most of all is crowded coffee shops like the Starbucks at the Concord Mills Outlet Mall. Who wants to drink and sip their coffee while being elbow to elbow with hundreds of crazy mall shoppers at a coffee shop? That sucks. At the Caribou coffee store there’s usually just a few people there and the people that work there.

It’s nice and quiet and inviting. I could sit there and easily read a book or do homework and more. It’s not loud and crazy like some coffee shops are. There also isn’t a bunch of heavily tattooed people working there. It’s just a really nice coffee shop and they have great coffee.

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I’ve never ventured into their other drinks like their mocha drinks and others as I am primarily just a coffee drinker. I did try some of their orange green tea once and that was pretty good also, but I only did that because I was feeling under the weather and felt like the flu was coming on and I knew that green tea is effective in fighting and warding off viruses like the flu.

I also found my fiance at the Caribou Coffee shop. No she didn’t work at the store. She was just a customer like me sitting at a table by herself doing her work or e-mails on her laptop. I had seen her there several times and she would always smile at me. I was a very shy guy, so it took a few times, but I eventually mustered up the courage to go over and talk to her and found her to be a very interesting and nice person.

We both share an interest in great coffee and many other things. We are going to be getting married next year! So, if you are in the area and want an excellent and not overcrowded coffee shop then you definitely need to check out Caribou Coffee.

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One Response to Caribou Coffee shop review – great coffee, great people and a great place to get work done on your laptop.

  1. Michael on December 4, 2010 at 3:40 AM

    I love the coffee at Caribou Cafe – it totally beats Starbucks!

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