CarMax a review, crappy customer service and a host of problems

CarMax auto scam and poor customer service

Recently I purchased a two-year-old Cadillac Escalade with low miles from CarMax. The truck was beautiful and everything I had wanted at a fairly decent price. I might’ve been able to haggle a better deal from one of the local car dealers, but the nice thing that CarMax was I didn’t have to negotiate and wheel and deal on the price. So I left there a lot with my new vehicle and I was proud of it.

Then things started to go wrong with it. First, the brakes were completely worn out. I knew this because there was really going on every time I applied the brakes. This started either the day after or the second day after I purchased the Escalade. When I took it back to CarMax so they could fix the squeeling noise, they stated that this was normal and there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. They said this was probably due to new brakes on there and new brakes can squeal for a while until they break in.

So I left the CarMax store and the brakes kept squealing. My husband told me to have a second opinion done on it and to take the Escalade in to the Cadillac store so they could look at it. According to the Cadillac store the brake pads had absolutely no life left on them. Not only that, but this condition had gone on for long enough that it had eaten into the rotors. According to the mechanics of the Cadillac store I needed all for brake pads and all four rotors replaced.

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So I took the vehicle back to CarMax and showed them what the mechanics stated at the Cadillac store. The mechanics are CarMax took my truck and looked into it and then came out after about an hour and a half or two hour wait and proceeded to tell me that this was a maintenance issue and is not covered under my warranty. At this point I was steaming hot and mad. How can a car dealer as reputable as CarMax try and pull a fast one on a lady like myself?

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Still, CarMax stop to their story and refused to fix the situation. Only after I got the state attorney general involved did they correct the problem and replaced the brake pads and rotors on my vehicle. They did not however reimburse me for the $85 I was charged by the Cadillac store for them to look and see what the problem was. Now may be they made a mistake when they initially took my car in and prepared it for resale. But their advertisements claim that they certify and check over all their vehicles before they ever sell them to the public.

I’m sorry but this has been a horrible experience and I cannot recommend CarMax to anyone and I will never, ever go back there to buy a car or truck ever again!

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