Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is racist – they only let me use a computer for 1 hour and they let black people use them as long as they want!

Charlotte NC public library is racist

The Charlotte NC public library in downtown is racist!

I went to the Charlotte Mecklenburg in downtown Charlotte North Carolina the other day with my son to show him some books and how the library works. I figure he was old enough to learn how to use a library and how to find the books that he wants. I know that nowadays people use their computers more than the library but it’s still good to know how to use a library especially for aspiring students.

So we walked around the library and after a while we happened upon their computer room. So I figured my son likes computers and so we’d fool around and surf some kids sites on the computer for a little bit. I saw on the wall that computer use is limited to one hour. There were two computers available and we sat at one of them after signing up for it.

So I took my son to and some other educational kids sites and close to the time when our hour was up a staff member at the library came over and told us we had to get off the computer. So we kindly logged off and got up. I noticed as we got up that there were several others that were on the computers that were there before we had gotten there. So they were definitely over the hour allotted by the library as per their rules posted on the wall.

As we were getting ready to leave the computer room I noticed that the staff member was bugging another person, whom also happen to be white and whom definitely came in after us to log off and that their time was up. The staff person never once went and asked any of the black people sitting there using the computers, all of which were there long before us and were easily beyond the hour allotted time, to log off or leave.

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That is a clear and evident case of black on white racism. I thought that we were all beyond this and beyond the colors of our skin. This is America it shouldn’t matter in the year 2010 whether your skin is white, black, yellow, orange, brown, etc… we should all treat each other with the same level respect we want to be treated back with.

This staff person at the library clearly had some kind of a hidden hatred towards white people. I didn’t know this staff person from Adam and they don’t know me at all. This is no way to treat someone that you don’t know. I was only polite and my son did not need to see nor be subjected to this clear and obvious case of racism at my local Charlotte Mecklenburg public library of all places!

Where is Al Sharpton? Oh, I’m sorry the infamous Rev. Al Sharpton only stirs up and creates racism where non existed prior and only helps the plight of black Americans. He doesn’t stand up against black on white racism.

I don’t think I will be going back to the Charlotte Mecklenburg library anytime soon.

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6 Responses to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is racist – they only let me use a computer for 1 hour and they let black people use them as long as they want!

  1. Brenda H. on October 3, 2010 at 8:42 PM

    Uhm, hello – that ain’t racism, whitey. Racism can only happen to black people. White people don’t matter. It says so in like the Prohibition and Segregation Act in 1899 or so. Racism is permanently illegal when it occurs to black people only. Who cares if we hate whites. They caused all the problems on this planet and blacks have to fix it or clean up the problems afterwords. If anyone is racist it is you because you are white. You should have been born black then you can call racism and get special treatment whenever you want. I don’t have to work and get paid not to because of the color of my skin – Ain’t America great?

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  2. Ned T. on October 5, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    Real nice there Brenda. Racism is bad in any form. The library is exhibiting racism and so are you with your “Whitey” comments and terrible attitude. We should all contribute to our world and community we live in, not suck off it like worthless losers.

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  3. yo mama on October 6, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    The Library has two sets of computers – 1 for one hour use, the others for 3 hour use. Stop complaining about racism and figure out the rules.

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  4. Sarah Poole on October 6, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    Dear CharlotteNCDad,

    I work at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, and want to help resolve your concern. Did you speak to a library staff member or manager about your concerns before you posted this comment to “”? The staff and managers on duty work hard to ensure that library resources and services are equitable and available to all – that is why we are the “public” library. But we cannot solve problems or address inequities if we do not know about them.

    I hope you will visit the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library again, and if you have an experience that concerns you, I hope you will speak with one of our library managers directly, either in person during your visit or by using the contact information found on our web site. We are always here to listen to concerns and offer solutions.

    Sarah Poole
    Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

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  5. Oh Really? on October 22, 2010 at 7:27 AM

    @ Brenda H: I love your comment sister. You know I’m new to this site, and just happened upon it while I was in the middle of trying to locate a particular address in order to complain about service @ a Pizza Hut here in Wisconsin. Gosh this has been rather amusing to come across so far at least 6 of these personal complaints by WHITE PEOPLE screaming racisim. Are you kidding me!. Yet when a black person tells their account on a related incident, white people will tell you quick, fast and in a hurry that we should just suck it up & forget about the past. Huh! Oh and I love it when they bring up Mr. Obama being the president of the United States and things have changed now. Listen lady they OP of this post; you will never in a million years experience the hatred and oppression that blacks have suffered.

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  6. Wow on April 8, 2011 at 3:44 AM

    we rule the world yet complain about computer time at a library that some slave probably built…whaaaaa whaaa whaaaaaa….

    why lets bring up Al sharpton, because lord knows black people should NEVER complain about anything. whaaaa whaaaa whaaaaa…

    im white in america yet cant afford a freaking 400 dollar laptop and 40 dollar internet connection although my people are afforded jobs they dont earn and millions of other white privileges…whaaa whaaa whaaaa.

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