China Pearl Chinese restaurant review – this little restaurant in Boston has good food but bad service.

China Pearl Chinese restaurant review

I went to eat at the China Pearl restaurant here in Bostn and was met by a horrible smell and terrible customer service!

I felt like having some good Chinese food for lunch and I looked up Chines food and restaurant on Yelp and found this place – the China Pearl Restaurant. When I got there it was packed and almost standing room only.

China Pearl Restaurant
9 Tyler Street, Boston, MA 02111-1947
(617) 426-4338

I had to wait over an hour at lunch for a table. When I finally got a table I got seated next to this family that reeked of horrible body odor. I’m not kidding when I say horrible. Someone in this family sitting next to us smelled worse then a backed up septic system on a hot summer day. It was so bad I felt like hurling.

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I asked one of the employees if I could move to a different table. They told me they would see what they could do. Meanwhile I saw numerous tables open up and then fill back up again with new customers. I was almost dying from the horrible smell from this family. It was putrid with a capital P.

The employee I asked about getting another table never came back. I finally asked another employee if I could switch tables and I told them why. They said that they understood, but the people that stunk at the table were friends of the owner and so there was little they could do.

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I told them I just wanted to sit at another table farther away from this family so I wouldn’t lose my lunch before I ate it. They told me they would see what they could do and hurried away. Neither one of those two employees ever came back to try and find me another table. I ended up getting up and going to the cashier and ordering some Chinese food to go.

This lady asked me why I didn’t want to eat at the table they had for me. She said the place was full and she would have to sit someone else there. I told her to go right on ahead because the people in the booth next to that table smell like crap and I refuse to sit there any longer.

I ordered some food to go and then left after it was ready. The service at the China Pearl restaurant absolutely sucks. The whole time I was there I could not get one employee to help me. They did not care in the slightest bit and never even came back to talk to me. instead they hurriedly left and then did their best to avoid me.

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I have never been treated so horribly at a restaurant in my life. I was seated next to someone that smelled worse than the local dump and I could not get moved to a table farther away even when there were open tables. This China Pearl is the most ridiculous Chinese restaurant I have ever been to.

When I got home I found out that their food was actually pretty good, but their service was so poor that I will not be going back. I will look elsewhere for my Chinese food here in Boston for now on.

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