Cici’s Pizza Compliment – Delicious Unlimited Pizza, Salad, Soup, and Dessert Bar for Cheap

A place where I enjoy going for pizza is Cici’s Pizzeria.  When I moved to West Allis WI I discovered that they have a brand new Cici’s Pizzeria that just opened up.  When I first moved here to West Allis, I didn’t know what Cici’s was before I received a flyer in the mail.  I received a coupon that was for buy 1, get 1 free dinner buffet.

When I got the coupon in the mail, I decided to go with my fiancé to try it out.  We decided to go for dinner and I was glad we did!!  When we walked inside we were greeted with a friendly cheer “Welcome to Cici’s”.  I thought this was really neat because it was different than the usual “how are you today?”  As we proceeded to the register we ordered 2 dinner buffets and 2 sodas.

The way Cici’s works is they give you a glass to fill up either with soda or water.  This is perfect because there are free refills so you don’t have to worry about drinking too much soda or water too quickly.  Another reason I would return to Cici’s is because of their amazing chicken noodle soup.  I absolutely loved the twisted curly noodles and the freshness of the broth. 

After enjoying their chicken noodle soup, I made a stop over to the salad bar for a delicious fresh salad.  The salad was fresh and they had a lot of toppings and salad dressings to create the perfect salad to your liking.  After I finished my salad I started to dig into the never ending trips to the pizza buffet. 

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The amount of different pizzas you can enjoy is absolutely amazing!  I was able to try bacon cheese pizza, macaroni and cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, zesty veggie, sausage pizza, Alfredo pizza, taco pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and many more.  The reason I say many more is because Cici’s allows you to make whatever pizza your mind can create.

That means if you want olives, onions, and peppers they will make that for you.  You just have to go up to the buffet counter and ask the friendly employees if they can make your specialty pizza and they will give you a colored cone.  Once it is done cooking they will come right to your table so you don’t have to be worried about when it is done.  This is definitely one part of Cici’s I love.    

If you thought that having an all you can eat salad, soup, and pizza buffet was amazing.  Just wait till you get to the dessert buffet.  It is almost like cloud 9 where you are clearly in heaven.  Cici’s has these brownies that are perfectly cooked so that the insides are a little chewy, but warm and delicious.  Next to the brownies you can find the cinnamon buns.  I found that the best time to get these cinnamon buns are when they first come out of the oven.  They are so delicious that they melt right in your mouth and if you ever need more glaze just ask!!

Another dessert that was another favorite was the apple cinnamon pizza.  It wasn’t too heavy or weird at all! It was almost, just almost, like a hot apple pie.  I would definitely recommend this pizzeria to anyone that is craving pizza, hungry, or just want to try some variety in pizzas.  It is very cheap if you don’t have any coupons ($5.99 for the buffet and drinks are just under $2).  The restaurant also runs specials for kids on a weeknight. How could you go wrong taking the kids there?

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3 Responses to Cici’s Pizza Compliment – Delicious Unlimited Pizza, Salad, Soup, and Dessert Bar for Cheap

  1. Juan Decarlo on September 13, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    CiCi’s pizza is so greasy man. If you pick up a slice grease will drip down your arm and stain your shirt man. I hate such greasy food man. It is bad for you man.

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  2. C. Moore on September 14, 2010 at 9:51 PM

    Are we seriously expected to believe that an actual Cici’s customer wrote this review?! Seriously?! Have you SEEN the people that eat at Cici’s? Do they LOOK like they can write like this (or read for that matter)?

    This is an obvious inside job by some Cici’s staffer. Nice try guys, but maybe next time if you don’t write quite so excitedly about your truly awful food, it may be somewhat more realistic.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me I must go replace the burned out bulb in the indicator light of my bull$hit detector.

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  3. Bill R. on September 18, 2010 at 10:40 PM

    CiCi’s pizza sucks, dude. It is so greasy that it may actually have more grease then actual pizza. Your arteries will clog right up at CiCi’s pizza. It is best to avoid CiCi’s and go get some real pizza.

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