Comet Company Complaint – Purhased a Vaccum Cleaner And Didn’t Recieve What They Stated In The Product Details

Hi i have recently brought a vax cylinder cleaner (C91-MZ-B)from comet on line for £149.99,this is my first time shopping online.And it was cheaper online then in store.Before i decided to buy i compared the item for the best price and found that sainsburys was selling it for £134.99.The reason i went for comet was because when i compared the details comet mentions that their vax comes with turbo brush,and i was after a turbo brush.

 My card didnt work so i used my neighbours as ithought i was getting a bergain. All went well and it arrived on the 23rd Dec instead of 24th and i couldnt be more happy a my dyson broke few days before. i couldnt wait to use the turbo brush and started to open and to my disappointment there was no turbo brush and when i looked at the contains detail there was no mention of the turbo brush. On the box it said to call vax if there is problem, so i called and they told me it does not come with a turbo brush but Model C91-MZ2-P does, and they said they cant do anything as it is not their fault and i should contact comet as it is one their offers and they should give it.

 So i called comet and after 20mins of waiting, explaining and been passed around i was told it should come with trubo brush as it mentions on the web and that i would be sent another one. I explained that i have spoken to vax and this iteam doesnt come with turbo brush, and that they are misleading coustomers or they have got the wrong model and that i would be happy if they give me the other model or just send me the turbo brush as an extra part,as it is the only reason i brought this product paying £5 pounds more from them.

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But i was told i would be sent another one and see, and if their is a problem then i should call back. As i didnt have a choice agreed, but knew there will be no turbo brush, and another day of mine is going to be wasted waiting for delivery. The following monday it arrived, but no turbo brush. So i called comet againg and after waiting,explaing and been passed around put on hold was told they can give the full refound and that they are not misleading coustomer and when i mentioned about my phone bills and time wasted and the stressed caused,he just apologised and said he cant do anything and that i should take this up with the manager and give me a number.

 When i called on the number i was recived by a female voice and asked how i could be helped, after explaining she said she was really sorry for the inconvenience caused and didnt understand why someone didnt order the part in the first place and that she has orderd the turbo brush and when the part arrives they will call and arrange delivery. She assured me that its sorted so i didnt go ahead with all the complains i had. After a week of waiting i was getting worried as they were really good with their deliverys and it seems a long time i decided to call on the 6th Jan 2011.

After waiting for 10mins i was answerd by a male voice and i had to go throug the same pattern of explaining wating….so on to be told that the only option to get a refound and that the part hassen been orderd as they cant do that,and i can do a written complaint and was given another number for a coustomer services manager. Again i called and after waiting about 10mins answerd by someone call Clare (i maneged to get the name) After taliking and put on hold by her trying to sort it out for 45mins told the same thing and said they will look into why i was told the part has been orderd and theat i should do a complain and i could go to a store near and see if they have the part, witch i was not happy about.

 I thought as a last option i will try the store as i need a cleaner. I went to the Bacton Store on the 10th Jan and was served by someone call Anhar who was suprised when i told him i have been aked to pick up a part, at first he didnt understand then i told him to look at the comet web so he did, and tried to help like all but they they didnt have do not have the part and cant order. He also called vax and confirmed what i already knew that it does not come with turbo brush but the other model does and toled that they have missold the iteam and that i should write to complaint department. I dont others to go through the same problem and tell today they havent corrected the web page. Iam waiting to hear what they say.

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