Couldn’t log on to the internet due to a internet routing problem?

The internet was down today for millions due to an up-line routing problem!

This is what happened to me earlier with my isp (Time Warner Cable). I couldn’t log on to the internet. I pay for Time Warner Cable’s road runner internet service with Turbo Boost and I couldn’t log in. At first I thought it was a glitch in my local cable lines, but only after researching the internet did I find the true cause – an internet routing problem.

Per CNNMoney, “The outage appears to have originated early Monday with Juniper Networks (JNPR), a company that makes router hardware for large networks. A set of updates to a core Internet routing protocol triggered a software glitch in some of Juniper’s routers. When those routers crashed, key Internet pathways went down with them.”

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So, I guess we can never take our internet connection for granted. Our home system and even our ISP could be fine, but the routers, switches, etc at any up-line outfitter or software creator could cause all kinds of mayhem just from an update or protocol update. Regardless of whether we use Time Warner or another cable, DSL or other source for our internet, we are still just one piece of the puzzle.

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There are lots of protocols at work here from the various layers (application, transport, network, data link and physical) that all have an effect on everything we do on the internet. I will no longer take these things for granted. Who knew that something as simple as a change in router protocols could bring down millions of internet connections in seconds all across the US and elsewhere?

My internet connection was down for a few hours and then it was back up, but very sluggish for a while. That could be to all the traffic getting back on at once to get caught up with morning emails, news, stock and financial info, etc…

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I like to read my favorite websites about the 2011 – 2012 ending of the world (extinction protocol, shtfplan), and other stuff (Freecycle, Slacker Radio, and of course my personal favorite (as I am all for the legalization of marijuana) Friends of Cannabis.

I guess I was offline for a little while but it just goes to show how dependent we have all become on the internet and its instant inter connectivity.

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