Craig & Landreth Car Dealership Complaint – Bought A Used Volkswagen and Recieved A Car With Problems!

Craig & Landreth Cars
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I purchased a car at the C&L new Crestwood location on November 14, 2011. I came in with the car I wanted, a good credit score , a down payment and a level of trust I received from reading reviews and C&L BBB rating.

I purchased a 2011 VW Jetta with approx. 7000 miles. It had a clean Auto Check score which was mentioned more than once to me. I had two requests:

1) Get me the second key…which I was led to believe the “missing second” key was at another dealership location

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2) Fix the slight offset in the steering wheel.

After repeated attempts 5/6 phone calls and multiple visits to showroom, I was told that there wasn’t a second key and that I would need to go to VW and get new one. At first they didn’t want to pay and finally they paid for a key, but I had to paid to program it so I’m out $92.00.

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The steering wheel offset , I was told was a minor alignment problem. I took it in , they were very nice about that and then when I got it back the wheel was offset slightly to the other side. This got me to doing a little looking around and what I found is almost certain proof ( multipleindisputable indications) the car was previously wrecked.

I called the GM at the Crestwood, first to see what my options were. I just want it to be put back into one piece. The way it was represented to me. The GM’s reaction was more or less “bring it in” and we will give you a trade-in value and you can buy another car. Well that is going to cost me about 2K in depreciation or more over three weeks of which about a week I didn’t even have the car.

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I thought I was buying a clean , good used car (2011 – 7K miles) with a good long warranty. I thought I would have some peace of mind for a while and no unexpected costs.

What I got was…a hassle getting a extra key and a previously wrecked car …future costs and hassles…unknown.                          



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