Crown Honda – a review and complaint about very unprofessional behavior by the sales staff!

crown honda bad unprofessional service

I think the crown in Crown Honda means they will rip you off enough to buy themselves a crown!

I was looking with my wife to replace on of our cars that was coming off of lease. The lease was almost up and we had to decide whether we were going to buy that car or get another one. I decided I wanted to get another car, especially seeing some of the rates being advertised on TV. So my first stop ended up being Crown Honda on Independence Boulevard in Charlotte North Carolina.

Originally this was LaPointe Honda, but now it’s called Crown Honda. Anyway the salesperson came up to talk to us as we were looking at some cars and was smoking a cigarette while he was talking to us. I don’t really care that much if you have to smoke but please don’t do it in my families face. What we ended up taking a new Honda Accord on a test drive with the salesperson and unfortunately because the salesperson just smoked and probably chain-smoked, the car stunk and reeked of cigarettes and cigarette smoke the whole time we were on the test drive.

The salesperson smelled so bad if cigarette smoke it was disgusting. When we got back the salesperson asked if we were going to trade in our car. I told him it was a lease turn in and that we were looking to replace it. So then we went inside and sat at a table in the salesperson proceeded to come back out with a sheet with a price on it that was higher than the sticker price. Apparently they had added a few extra accessories installed by the dealer to this vehicle.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the salesperson tried to tell me not to worry about that price. He said it didn’t matter in the scheme of things. He said what mattered was the monthly payment and the amount of our down payment. If I remember correctly it said something like $4000 down and $625 a month in payments and next to the payment social number 72 which means six years in lone length. So I whipped out my financial calculator and entered his numbers and found out that he was trying to charge me or they were trying to charge me 13% interest on a new car and they were trying to sell to sell it to me for above MSRP.

So I politely asked the salesperson why they were trying to fleece me and why the 13% interest rate on a new car when it’s advertised to have special financing and we have great credit. He said those were just general numbers and that he would have to run our credit to give us better numbers. He then proceeded to ask me where we needed to be payment wise. I told him things don’t matter the price does and there’s no way on earth that I am going to pay anywhere near MSRP for that car – especially in today’s economy! He then said would you buy it today if I could get the payments to $599 a month? I said I don’t care if they’re hundred dollars a month. We need to be talking about the selling price and not the payments right now.

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He said I don’t know about this but what if I could get you to $575 a month?  Would that do it for you.  I told him that I wanted to start working on the selling price I don’t care about the monthly payments as I may just end up paying cash for the vehicle as I’ve done that before in the past as I at one time did that with what was then LaPointe Honda years ago.  He got up and took the paper went to speak to his sales manager.  I could overhear them talking in the salesperson told the sales manager that the indignant asshole (he was obviously referring to me) was being completely uncooperative and a jackass and that I did not want to play the payment game with them.

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So, the sales manager came over and proceeded to tell me that the reason why they do what they do is because no one pays cash for cars anymore and that stopped back in the 80′s.  He said that they sell somewhere around 500 or so cars a month there and not a single one of them is ever paid for in cash.  They are all loans or leases in the only difference is the amount of money that people put down or what there trade in is.  He then stated that he was one work with me in any way possible to get my business but that he needed my social security number to proceed any further. So I said to him, so you mean that without my social security number we can’t talk about price anymore?  He said it was required by Honda and the banks that he can’t do any more without my social security number.

He then got up and left and left us with the salesperson.  The salesperson told us look we do a great deal of business here and our customers all love us we won’t do you wrong – you can trust us.  Now what is your social security number?  I told him I’m not paying that retail price and they need to start coming down on that.  He got up to go speak to his sales manager.  Once again I overheard him speaking to his sales manager where he told the sales manager that I was an asshole and would not give out my social security number.

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The sales manager told him look don’t come back here without a valid social security number if you want to keep your job.  Besides, he said, he’s just hiding behind that – he can’t go anywhere he has to turn in his lease.  Once we get it we will hook them on payments and he”ll be an easy flop with a huge gross for you.   I then heard him say that it would be a seven pounder (I learned later that this means a $7000 profit).

Upon hearing the rest and some other stuff that I will not repeat here I and my wife got up and left and we will never ever go back to that Crown Honda dealership ever again.  I heavily advise that you read this and pass it around to as many people as possible so that everyone can learn from the horrible experience I and my wife had at Crown Honda.

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3 Responses to Crown Honda – a review and complaint about very unprofessional behavior by the sales staff!

  1. Marie S. on May 23, 2010 at 2:51 AM

    The staff at Crown Honda was rude to me also. This one salesperson called me back into the dealership about my car. It turned out he wanted to ask me out but he didn’t have the nerve to do so. It was really pathetic.

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  2. Stacey C. on May 23, 2010 at 12:01 PM

    Wow! I thought I was the only one that had a bad experience at Crown Honda! I went by myself and probably because I was a woman they told me that no car dealers negotiate the price on cars when I asked. I also heard him say when they were talking behind my back, “Dude, she’s an easy lay down.” They didn’t call me an asshole or anything like that, but they were very rude and were clearly trying to take advantage of me being a woman and being alone. I walked out and just like you I will never be back to shop there again.

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  3. jodi on May 24, 2010 at 6:29 PM

    NOTE — This comment is obviously written by an employee of Crown Honda as you can see in the text below and how it is worded. — NOTE

    This is completely the opposite of the experience i have had at Crown Honda. They have been extremely professional and have a great sales and service group. I would challenge anyone to come to Crown and see for yourself the positve experience I had.

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