Dermalogica dry skin care treatment review – I bought a few of these Dermalogica products at Ulta and they are amazing!

Dermalogica dry skin care treatment review

I tried a free sample of the Dermalogica product line at Ulta and fell in love with it!

I am an older woman with sun damaged skin. I wish I had known better when I was younger to not tan so much and to stay out of the sun more, but I could sit here and say I woulda, coulda, shoulda but that won’t make things better. Instead I’m going to tell you about this wonderful and reasonably priced product I found at my local Ulta Beauty store – the Dermalogica skin care treatment line.

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Dermalogica skin care products come in black and white containers and packaging that looks almost like Philosophy brand skin care products. But they have more of a medicinal look to them. Dermalogica products cost a little more then Philosophy, but they also work a whole better. I have used both Philosophy and Dermalogica and clearly I prefer and see better results with Dermalogica.

With creams and moisturizers for your personal skin called active moist, intensive moisture balance and skin smoothing cream – Dermalogica has a big hit. There isn’t one anti-wrinkle and moisture cream for everybody. There’s one for dry skin, one for combating dehydration and another to improve skin texture.

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Basically with Dermalogica you pick the cream that best matches what you want to do with your skin and go from there. You can also start with one cream like I did and then go to another. I started with the active moist because I have really dry skin and sun damaged skin. I then end up switching to the skin smoothing cream to help moisturize and smooth my sun damaged skin.

I noticed positive results right away. My dry and rough skin (it’s rough from over exposure to the sun for many years and I was younger) got better and better everyday. It’s not perfect but I must say it’s at least a 50% improvement over what it was prior to me using the Dermalogica skin care line.

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Their products are wonderful and their prices aren’t too bad – around $50 plus I got a free candle set with my last purchase at Ulta. I first tried Dermalogica at Ulta when they gave me a free sample to take home with me and try out. I started using it and fell in love with it right away.

If you have dry or sun damaged skin then you definitely need to give the Dermalogica brand of moisturizing creams for aging skin a try.

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