Dish Network Compliment – Awesome Customer Service That Will Blow Time Warner Cable Out Of The Water!

My husband and I have been dealing with problems after problem with Time Warner Cable.  We have been so fed up with all the crap they give you and the poor customer service that we have decided to change service providers to Dish Network.  In order to this we had to deal with Time Warner Cable one more time.  This was only because we had to tell them that we were dropping their crappy cable service.

 When we called Time Warner Cable, the customer service representative told us that we had to pay a $150 fee.  She told us that we had received a letter in the mail, which stated that we needed to contact Time Warner Cable unless we were going to be entered into a 2-year contract with a higher price.  We had explained to her that we had not received any letter in the mail, email, nor phone call.  I didn’t understand what she was talking about.

 One thing was she really didn’t care what I had to say and told us that we still had to pay the $150 fee for canceling our 2-year agreement that they signed us up for without asking.  I told her that we refused to pay that because we never received anything and told her that we were canceling our overpriced cable service and that was it.  I can’t believe how rude she was and I couldn’t wait to be done with Time Warner Cable.

 I had then called Dish Network and had schedule an installation appointment with them for a couple days ago.  I was excited to get the new service and hopefully have some decent customer service for once.  When the Dish Network representative came out and installed the satellite dish, he was really nice to us.  He had asked us where we would want the satellite dish to be in the yard and we had pointed out a spot that we thought would look good for it.

 When we had the satellite dish installed, the representative had made sure all the connection to the TV’s worked and that there were no problems.  He was one of the nicest cable service representatives I have ever dealt with.  The following day we had receives a quality call from Dish Network to check and see if a quality control person could come out and see the work that was done.

 We had agreed for the quality guy to come out and set up a time for the next day.  We also told him that we really wanted to change the location of the satellite and he had no problem with sending a representative out the next day and move the dish to a new spot.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get the location of the satellite dish changed and I didn’t get any grief or disrespect for it.  I haven’t had Dish Network for a week now and I have been happy as can be.  I will never go back to the crappy and over priced service Time Warner Cable provides!

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