Ebay Wii remote plus complaint – this remote has zero range!

I bought this Wii remote plus and nunchuck set through Ebay and it had no range whatsoever!

I searched the internet for a great price on a Nintendo Wii remote plus. I figured that since they were selling for around $30 to $40 at my local stores then I should easily be able to buy one online for about half that price or so. Or at least that was the idea. I ended up getting a crap remote from China that has zero range.

I started my search on Amazon.com and found that they were about the same price as my local stores. I had just passed one complete with nunchuck for $30 at Marshalls (it was a wii remote plus in white). I searched around and finally landed on a few they had at Ebay going for $18 or so with free shipping – I figured you can’t beat that and the sellers had great feedback records to boot!

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What I also liked was the fact that I could choose the colors I wanted and they came with the OEM silicone sleeve – this meant one less thing I would have to order and would save me more money. I looked at several different sellers and auctions on eBay and finally placed a bid on a black one from Ebay seller electriczone. This seller, electriczone, had over 80,000 reviews and was (and still is) a top rated seller on Ebay.

So, I bought one of these black Wii remote plus sets for a little over $18. I had to wait about 2 weeks for delivery (really darn slow when the auction listing said delivery in 3 to 4 days. But, I did finally get it and was happy until my son plugged it in and tried to use it. It had virtually no range. That’s right, you had to be within a few inches of the TV set for it to work and that just wasn’t going to work.

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I contacted the Ebay seller electriczone to complain and they said it must be defective. They told me to send it back to them and they would send out another one. So, another 3 weeks and then I received the replacement. We put fresh batteries in it and the same darn thing happened. I showed this remote set to a friend of mine that works at IBM in the IT department (a real tech savvy geek) and he said it was a cheap knock off from China.

These cheap Wii remote plus sets use cheap parts and are poorly manufactured and that’s why they have very little range. He also told me that you have to be careful with these cheap parts from China as some of them can cause fires or injury. They are not manufactured to the same sets of standards that we have here in the USA. In many cases they are put together in a sweat shop where there are no standards at all.

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I contacted electriczone to return the item and get a refund. They didn’t want that and offered to send me out another Wii remote control set. I didn’t want another one because it wasn’t going to work obviously. So I demanded a refund. They stopped contacting me and I had to file a complaint with Ebay seller central. I finally got refunded through Ebay.

That was a waste of time. Damn cheap Chinese knockoffs and a crappy seller to boot. It will be a long time before I shop on Ebay again and I will probably never by anything electronic off their again.

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