Elite Brights Teeth Whitening Complaint – Bought A Groupon For A Sonic Powered Toothbrush And Recieved A Junk Product

Last month I was looking on Groupon.com to see what deals they had posted.  As I was on there I had found a sonic powered toothbrush that is prices at $225 on elitebrights.com.  The Groupon was priced at $59 so it was a huge savings.  I had thought that this was a great deal and I really wanted to get a sonic powered toothbrush because I really want to keep my teeth healthy.

I had ended up buying the Groupon, but wasn’t able to redeem it till a week later.  I didn’t fully understand that but that was fine with me.  A week later I had gone onto elitebrites.com and started filling out all the information.  For sure it had told me that I was saving $166 dollars by using the Groupon.  I was anxious and excited to be getting this toothbrush in a couple weeks.

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I had finally received the toothbrush in the mail 3 days ago and I was highly disappointed.  It looked like a toothbrush you would buy at the dollar store because it contained so much plastic.  Everything was plastic besides the actual bristles which just might have been plastic.  The one thing also is that if anything every broke on it you wouldn’t be able to return it.

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I have emailed the customer service department at EliteBrights.com and I still have not received an email in return from them.  Their site states that they will contact you back within 1 business day guarantee, apparently that was not the case here.  I have begun to wonder if this was really a legit company to do business with.

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I would like for someone from Elite Brights to contact me so I can get a refund ASAP for this horrible purchase.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone to purchase this horrible product and just go buy a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush from your local store like Kohl’s or Wal-Mart.  I thought I was doing myself a justice by saving money but it sure was not worth losing out of the money spent.

When I first opened the package I saw some Chinese writing on the package and from there I knew I had bought a piece of crap.  When there is cheap plastic packaging and then foreign language on the package then you want to think twice about it.  EliteBrights.com is a horrible company that sells crap products.

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One Response to Elite Brights Teeth Whitening Complaint – Bought A Groupon For A Sonic Powered Toothbrush And Recieved A Junk Product

  1. Maxime on April 25, 2012 at 10:41 AM

    I had exactly the same problem with groupon and Elite Brights. More of that, I bought 2 whitening kits!!!
    I have emailed the customer service fourth times…I’m still waiting for the answer.
    Elite Brights sells crap products, don’t ever deal with them.

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