Extreme Couponing TV Show On TLC Review – Are These People Just Saving Money Or Are They In It To Make Money

I was watching TV the other day and I came across this new show called “Extreme Couponing” on TLC.  At first I thought that it was going to be a really awesome show that was actually useful.  I thought it was going to teach you how to use only the coupons that you receive in your one newspaper on Sunday mornings.

Much to my surprise the other day when I watched this show with my husband, the women on this show do not only use the coupons that come in the Sunday paper.  The women on this show somehow gain access to millions of coupon inserts from the mail people.  The first time I watched this show I was really shocked to see how much food and just random things these people would just buy because they had coupons for it.

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The women on the shows that I have watched have saved sums from $500 all the way to over $1000!!  This is definitely inspiring to say the least.  But when they really go through the products and their reasoning behind buying them, it just makes you sick.  One episode I remember in particular a woman was showing the camera her “stockroom” of food and supplies that she gets on her shopping trips.  And let me just say that her stockroom was just a bedroom in her house that doubled as a play room for her little grandchildren.

One item that she pointed out and stated “You see these cat treats right here?  Well, the store paid me to get these treats because of the coupons I had.  And you know the funniest part about all this?…I don’t even own a cat!!”  I was absolutely shocked to hear some of the things that people will buy just because they have a coupon that will get the item for free.  I was especially annoyed at the fact that she did not own a cat, yet she pretty much bought out the whole store in cat treats.

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On this same episode there was a woman who’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and out of work for a long period of time (meanwhile, she didn’t get a job or work before hand), so their family was really struggling with money at the time.  She then got into the whole couponing thing and ended up loving it.  When they showed her stock room, she had it set up exactly like a grocery store, with the aisles and the little end caps with all the good stuff.

I remember the one quote that she said to the camera and it was “I love it because it’s my own personal grocery store right in my garage!”  I was just shocked that she said this and I said to my husband “Isn’t the whole point in having a car, and 24hr grocery stores, for people to be able to run out to the store if they ever run out of anything or need anything in the middle of the night?!”  HELLO PEOPLE your house is not a grocery store, it is a place to sleep, eat, and raise your family!!!!!!

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The other thing that upsets me about these people on this show is that they see all these great deals they get as huge accomplishments.  I see buying outrageous amounts of one item that would take you until the day you die to use HOARDING!!!  I don’t recommend watching this show if you get annoyed with people who hoard items and buy out the whole store of items that other people like to buy on a regular basis as well.  Because from the sights of these families’ stockrooms of pretty much millions of items that will take forever to use or eat, will make you want to punch someone in the face at the store if you see them buying more than one or two of one item.

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