Facebook Review – A Social Networking Site Created As a Harvard University Project is Taking a Turn For The Worse


One of the top social networking sites that happens to be everyone’s’ top favorite and priority is Facebook.  Facebook was created in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg as a project during his time at Harvard University.  When he first created Facebook, it was funded by Eduardo Saverin and had originally named it thefacebook until 2005 when it was changed to Facebook.  Shortly after changing the name of this social networking site, the domain facebook.com was bought for $200,000.  

Zuckerberg then decided to increase his website staff and add a team of students from Harvard University, which it includes Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.  The top known social networking sites include MySpace, Friendster, Xanga, hi5, Bebo, and also Twitter.  Almost 10 years ago, I started a MySpace page because many my friends were using it to keep in touch and to make plans. 

After 10 years have gone by Facebook has become the next top chosen social networking site and therefore I have created my own Facebook page.  I have had my Facebook page for about 4 years and I have become to absolute hate Facebook.  One major part I hate about Facebook is that everyone’s life depends on Facebook. 

Facebook has caused basically everyone in the population of the world to become addicted to Facebook.  Facebook has become so addicted, that it is one of the top downloaded apps and has been pre-loaded in many cell phones.  People are so addicted to Facebook that every minute, including every sneeze, is reported on one’s Facebook status.  Now that everyone has become addicted to Facebook, everyone’s photos are being viewed every minute to catch up on each other’s lives. 

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Due to everyone posting their photos up on the World Wide Web, lawsuits have become flying all around the world due to Facebook’s lack of privacy.  This privacy invasion has then moved on to Facebook selling personal information to research firms globally.  Another problem that has occurred due to the fact of photo sharing is the ability of unknown people creeping around Facebook at people’s photos without you ever knowing it.  I have stopped using Facebook because of the fact of knowing that anyone on the World Wide Web is able to view your photos, status, and could end up stealing your identity.

Facebook has made it easier for many crooks to steal people’s identities.  Identity theft has become easier due to the lack of knowledge on the Privacy settings that don’t become enabled after signing up.  Facebook has also opened up their social networking site to everyone that has an email address.  This also has become a decision solemnly based upon profits and increasing the amount of users.

I have also deleted my account because of the drama that is stirs up between people.  One thing that I hate is drama and the amount of drama that is produced by people’s status, photos, and also comments have become out of whack. No matter if it is a quick status post or a quick mobile upload, someone always misunderstands what you have posted and that’s how easy drama is started just by Facebook alone.

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Apart from the privacy issues, Facebook has brought about ways for people to send hidden virus’s to Facebook users.  About a month before I deleted my Facebook account, I had received 4 emails that stated my account was deactivated and to reactivate my account I needed to login using my old username and password.  For one thing, I had never deactivated my account before and never had kept the same password for longer than 3 months. 

When I started receiving these emails, I had noticed that someone or something had hacked into my Facebook account and I had at least 20 windows opened on my desktop with my Facebook home page.  Facebook has also created Trojan Viruses that have crawled throughout my computer, but have been fully destroyed using Norton Antivirus Software.

Not only is Facebook becoming filled with viruses and hackers, company employers are searching Facebook for photos and behaviors on their job candidates for background checks that are free.  If I were you, I would not get a Facebook account or I would delete your Facebook account before any of this happens to you.

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