Freecycle Jacksonville FL review – I got a mattress that smelled like raw sewage.

freecycle jacksonville fl review

I went looking for a good, used mattress for my fiance and I and found the smelliest thing you could imagine – it really did smell like raw sewage!

My fiance and I moved out of her parents house into an apartment. This was the first time we were going to be on our own. Neither one of us owned much stuff and her parents wouldn’t let us take the mattress we were using in their cellar with us (bitches). My fiance was pregnant (we had no TV in the basement at her parents house so it was inevitable) and we needed a bed.

So I went online (I stole her mother’s laptop computer – they should have bought us a computer anyway as thanks for getting their daughter pregnant and I am pissed that I never even got a pat on the back or congratulations for that) and looked for mattresses and beds. I came upon the Freecycle website here in Jacksonville Florida – cool place where you get used things for free.

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I looked at it for a few days and then this post showed up about a king sized mattress that was barely used – that would be perfect I thought. So we borrowed one of my fiance’s friends trucks and went to go pick up this mattress. We went to this lady’s house and she looked like a 70 year old southern hooker or call girl. She had grey hair like a typical 70 year old lady, but she was dressed like a slutty cow girl with a worn out cowboy hat.

She looked like something out of a horror flick gone bad. She was real weird too. The mattress she had enclosed in a see through zippered container. It looked in good shape and she wanted it gone ASAP. So I never thought to open it before we left to check for weird smells and such.

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So, my fiance and I left and we went to a local hardware store and I got a bed frame for the mattress real cheap (like $40 I think). We got home and I started putting the bed frame together then I heard a loud scream – it was my fiance. I ran to see what was the matter. Had her water broke? Did she fall? Did she get hurt? Was there a burglar? Bad, worrisome thoughts were running through my mind. I ran into the other room as fast as I could.

As soon as I got in there I was hit by this horrible odor. It smelled like rotting sewage. I know what that smells like because when I was in high school one of our field trips was to take a tour of the local sewage plant and boy did that place stink bad. Well, our room smelled like that. I asked what was that horrible smell and my fiance said it was the mattress.

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Apparently she had just unzipped a corner of the vinyl cover that encased the mattress and this horrible smell came out of it. It was absolutely horrific. I threw up almost immediately. I then covered my nose and mouth with my shirt and I pushed the mattress outside. That was plain awful. I can’t believe that this old slutty cow lady pawned this horrible smelling mattress on us.

Obviously we were not going to use a mattress that smelled like a sewage plant in our apartment. I ended up putting it in the back of the truck and dumping it behind the nearby Walgreens – I’m sure their employees had fun with that smelly mattress. I don’t think I will be looking for anything free off Freecycle anymore – who knows what other smelly crap or nightmare is on there waiting for its next victim?

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