Freecycle Review – what it is and why you can never get the good stuff!

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Freecycle, on the surface looks to be a valuable and worthy website and resource, but when you try and use it you see something else. Basically what Freecycle is is a website we can list things that you want people to pick up for free and they will come and pick them up at your curb or where ever. It’s kind of like Craigslist but everything is free.

You can’t charge for things on Freecycle. Now when you log into Freecycle and you join your local community on there you will see a list of 10 to 50 things at a time that local people are offering for free. Anyone can apply or respond and then agree to pick up the item and once they pick it up it is theirs to keep or do what they want with it. But this is where it gets tricky.

There is a lot of garbage that people want to get rid of on Freecycle. But there is also some neat things on their too. I once picked up a great antique TV in perfect mint condition that someone no longer wanted. But lately you will find that the good items listed you can never get. By the time you see the listing for 100 people have already responded to that listing.

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But the funny thing here is is that a lot of the people responding to these listings aren’t abiding by the Freecycle creed – they are instead opportunists trying to get items to resell and make a quick buck whether it be through an online resource like eBay or or through a local flea market or Craigslist. The purpose of Freecycle is to provide avenues for people to get rid of items that they no longer need but that are still useful to someone else.

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And to provide free items to those that may have limited financial resources to purchase these items on their own. It is not for people to pick off the best items and then resell them for their own financial gain. It is also not a place for people to list absolute junk that has no use whatsoever – and there is a lot of that now a days to on Freecycle.

The problem now is there so much junk and you can get the good items anymore so that I don’t even bother to use Freecycle anymore. The moderators don’t sift through spam very well and even allow malware and viruses to get through. Freecycle could be a great resource if it was policed better, but until it is I can’t recommend it as it is an absolute waste of time right now.

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One Response to Freecycle Review – what it is and why you can never get the good stuff!

  1. schrodinger on January 17, 2012 at 6:29 PM

    Just last night, someone posted an item that I wanted to have. I replied within a minute of the posting and never heard back until this afternoon, when the poster informed me that the item was taken… “sorry”. I guess it went to a friend of the poster, or it went to a relative or something. I think there’s a certain amount of clannishness in certain groups, and if you aren’t one of the ‘in crowd’, you don’t get the goods, no matter how quickly you reply.

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