Fuel Pizza Cafe Review – Delicious Food Inside An Old Time Gas Station Environment

Tonight I went to a pizza restaurant called Fuel Pizza Cafe.  It was a really neat looking restaurant especially from the outside.  The outside looks like an old time gas station with an old gas pump.  The pizza café also has the roof where cars would pull in, but they transformed it into an outdoor seating area.

The Fuel Pizza Café also consists of the old one car garage where the cars were worked on for repairs.  They transformed this area into the actual indoor eating area.  When we walked in the smell was absolutely amazing.  They had a board above the area where they had pizzas on display.

These pizzas included a pizza called “the whole engine” which included pepperoni, mild Italian sausage, meatballs, roasted onions, green peppers, and fresh mushrooms.  This slice looked absolutely amazing and sure was delicious!  The other types of pizzas included a Cajun pizza, sun dried tomato and pesto, bbq, buffalo chicken, margherita, lasagna, four cheese, white pizza, and many more!

I couldn’t believe the amount of choices there were and they all looked absolutely delicious.  We had ordered a large pizza with half pepperoni and half cheese.  My friend had gotten a slice of “the whole engine” and that was really tasty.  The crust was perfectly cooked and was really fluffy and light.  It was thicker but not overwhelming at all.

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We also looked at ordering some wings so we ordered medium boneless chicken wings.  They came with some celery, carrots, and the choice of ranch or blue cheese.  There are about 8-10 boneless chicken wings, which were $7.75.  They weren’t too spicy so if you were looking for a “quick” then I would recommend getting hot or attempt the inferno wings.   

Fuel Pizza Café also sells calzones, Stromboli, fries, cheese fries, cinnamon knots, garlic knots, and also regular chicken wings.  I was going to order a calzone but we all decided to get a large pizza and split it.  I will be returning to get my calzone but the pizza didn’t let me down so I will be back.  Fuel Pizza Café also offers combo meals that range from $6.75 to $9.75 (Specialty slice of pizza, side salad, and drink to Stromboli, side salad, and drink)

Fuel Pizza café is based around Charlotte, North Carolina but also has one location in South Carolina.  I would highly recommend anyone to go to Fuel Pizza Café if you are looking for delicious food!

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