Google Adword keyword tool versus Wordstream external keyword tool – which is better?

Google adword keyword tool review

Here I will compare two leading free online keyword tools – Google adwords and Wordstream. If you have a website then you NEED to read this!

Today many people are sparking up their inner entrepreneur by creating a blog or other similar online website to create an additional source of revenue for their family or themselves. As people have learned through this bad recession, you can no longer rely on your job or the company that you work for for a constant paycheck anymore. So to get one’s blog or website off the ground and start driving traffic one needs a great external keyword tool like the Google Adword keyword tool.

So which external keyword tool is the best and costs the least? Well there are many websites like keyword spy that claim to be the best but a serious investment on your behalf. Some of these websites can cost upwards of $80 or more per month. And for a newly started web entrepreneur that can be not only imposing but downright unaffordable and out of the question. So on a limited budget or any budget for that matter we are going to compare both the Google and Wordstream keyword tools.

The good thing about both the Google Adword keyword tool and Wordstream is that they are both 100% free. Both of these tools will give you bar graphs that show the frequency or popularity of various keywords. Both of these tools will also show you similar keywords so you can figure out other keywords that you might want to target that are close to the niche that you’re trying to reach.

Many times you can find a keyword with lots of traffic to it that may not be all that competitive there be more worth your time going after. Too often newbies go after all the big and most competitive keywords and then they wonder why their results are dismal at best. Now if you want any information beyond the relative frequency and similar keywords then you will definitely have to go with the Google Adwords keyword tool.

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In my opinion there really is no fair matchup here between these free online keyword tools. Google’s keyword tool is available straight through their Adwords interface. Anyone can access it even if you do not run an Adwords advertising account. The only differences is that you’ll only be able to get two pages of results without an active account with Google.

Regardless, the Google adword keyword tool gives so much more information. It would be insane not to use it to better your online business regardless of what kind of business you are in. You can access the exact number of monthly searches under that keyword you can also less competitive keywords so you’ll have better results. You can also click on the little magnifying glass next to any of the keyword terms and this will take you to Google Insight were you can see the actual growth trends of that keyword and see how hot it is trending or has been trending.

Hands down I would have to give this competition completely over to Google’s free keyword tool. Check it out and give it a try. It can only give your online business a much-needed boost.

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  1. Stan the man on October 28, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    I must agree with you. Google Adwords free keyword tool is all one really needs to really target keywords effectively. It rocks!

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