Great Clips, rude employees and a haircut that wasn’t great!

Great Clips bad haircut and rude employees

Great Clips, a bad haircut and rude employees

I decided to get a haircut the other day and was in for what turned out to be the worst haircutting experience I have ever had. I went to the local Great Clips because I had seen an ad in a local magazine with a coupon for $8.99 for any haircut and it was near the local Walmart that I had to go to next. I was told the wait would be about 15 minutes and to have a seat.

So I sat and waited and waited. Soon 20 minutes went by and then another 20 minutes and before too long an hour went by. Finally only came up and said your next. She wasn’t very talkative and sounded quite curt actually. She looked disgruntled and possibly unhappy that I was interrupting her day or something. Maybe she was having a bad day and I was going to suffer for it?

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So she asked me what kind of haircut I wanted and I told her a nice, short business haircut. She grunted and said what size Clippers did you want? I said I don’t know. She said very rudely, “well, how am I supposed to cut your hair if you don’t know what size Clippers you want and what length you want?” I answered I don’t know – I was being honest.

So she then told me that she couldn’t guarantee also have a good character because she didn’t know the size Clippers that I needed or what results I wanted. I told her again I just wanted a short business haircut and even pointed to a picture in a magazine that they had at the front area of what I wanted it to look like so she could have an idea (I had plenty of time to look through magazines and such because I was out there for about an hour or so waiting for my haircut).

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So she cut my hair and you could tell the whole time she was doing at that she was mad that she had to be doing my hair. She did not talk to me much at all and if she did it was just to make a rude comment of sorts.  When she was done it did not look good at all.  They looked mismatched in their wrist different lengths in different areas that were not appropriate.  But without telling me or asking me she went and got some hair gel and slathered it in my hair and then pulled it all back so I had the slicked back look.  This was probably so it wouldn’t have mattered how long the hair was on one side versus the other as it would all look the same all slicked back.

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I was so upset I just paid and left.  I ended up the same day, after going home to shampoo and wash the gel out of my hair, going to another more expensive hair salon so they could fix my hair and make it look good.  The hair salon was Fossil in Noth Charlotte NC. The lady at the hair salon was very nice and couldn’t believe the haircut I had received for the treatment when I told her about it from Great Clips.  She said you definitely get what you pay for when you go to cheap places like that.  She was definitely right.  For $8.99 at great clips I got terrible haircut and very rude customer service.  For $20 at Fossil hair salon, I got a great haircut and style along with far better and very polite customer service.

That was the first time and last time I will ever go to Great Clips.

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6 Responses to Great Clips, rude employees and a haircut that wasn’t great!

  1. Kevin R. on June 1, 2010 at 11:05 PM

    I have been to Great Clips before and agree with this post. Great Post!!

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  2. Laurie on September 9, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    I am sorry for your bad experience at Great Clips. However, Great Clips is not the best place to go if you want the best haircut. They have only so long to take with your cut usually between 13 and 15 minutes. If you can’t be specific with your cut. The “stylist” doesn’t know what you really are talking about when you say “short”…short is very vague. There may be many reasons why the cutter (a better term) seems to be short and curt with you. One, is the time limit placed on the cut. Second, the employee may have been worn out from the rude and arrogant customers prior to your visit. If you had to wait that long, then they were going at it like an assembly line. And thirdly, the franchisees are only looking at the bottom line, They treat the employees like cattle. Very low pay, no breaks (even when the law says they will provide them), nearly all the incentives have been taken away, or lowered. Impossible demands or expectations that they use to justify no raises, holiday pay vacation pay (all of which were promised at hiring). And they will use those to terminate the employee when they have burned them out.
    Plus the worst thing is, the employee has to endure this until the economy get better and they can move on. The owners know this, and take every advantage.
    I hope this helps.

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  3. Stephanie on September 12, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    I agree to a point with Laurie on some of what was mention. However, I will tell you this, you can most certainly receive a bad haircut from a high end $20.00 salon or any salon for that matter. You don’t always get what you pay for and it is based of the individual, experience, training and creative ability & skill in the craft of cutting hair. I have worked for many salon to high end to Great Clips.

    I left the field for a period after college and was laid-off from my office administration job to reenter the salon. I never have redos, but repeat business because I was always very good at doing/cutting hair, period. To knock a whole company because of one bad apple at one location out of the thousands of GC in business is just ignorant at best.

    Customers that flock for the low price tend to be dirty, unkeep hair or want a $30.00 hair cut for $8.99 and turn around and don’t tip, those customers ALL hair stylist do not want to service or deal with. Bring in pictures, understand that we have to do at least 4-5 cuts in an hour, so sorry, we can’t spend 30 minutes on your hair for 8.99, but I have still keep quality despite these constrictions.

    Be polite and use social graces when you go to any place and you might get a better reception. I don’t ask for anything I already give to others, like the golden rule. But if your nasty, rude, or dirty and don’t know what you want, expect any hair stylist from any salon to give you a bad haircut.

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  4. Cindy on March 16, 2011 at 1:54 PM

    Great Clips requires stylists to give a haircut within 13-17 minutes. Your productivity percent, haircut time, and overall product sales are all factors of your pay. Pay starts at $8. The faster you cut, the more people you get out the door, the more product you sell, the more you get paid. Therefore, stylists can only make decent money if they rush through everything. Rush you through a consultation, rush through your haircut, and rush you out the door.

    This concept is bad for everybody! Except of course, the franchisee who gets to collect without putting in any of the hard physical labor required to keep this business running. No wonder the stylist was in such a bad mood! The M.O. for this company is to turn customers out quickly and pay their stylists as little as possible.

    There is no room for artistic expression for the stylists (which is why we went to beauty school in the first place). There is no flexibility for scheduling whatsoever. Physically, your body gets worn down tremendously due to the insane amount of haircutting that is required for you to keep your job.

    The only way Great Clips is going to better customer service is if they treat their hairstylists better and start paying them more. If we have to put out twice as much as the other salons in our area then we should be getting paid twice as much! We should be received with compassion and understanding if we get sick or need a day to rest. And most of all, we should be able to spend more time with our clients so that we can give them the best possible service.

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  5. What the? on July 24, 2011 at 7:24 PM

    Firstly, you’re stupid for not knowing what clippers you want used. I mean come on, how is the lady supposed to cut your hair correctly if you keep telling her “I don’t know”?? No wonder the lady was all irritable with you! You deserve to get the wrong haircut for being so vague & clueless! And not to mention businesses do not want those kind of people working for them!

    Pssh, how can people be so stupid sometimes?

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  6. Russell on April 1, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    Some people are just stupid,bottom line!

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