Gucci by Gucci Sport fragrance for gay men review – this cologne is hot and both I and my lover Ramone love it!

Gucci by Gucci Sport fragrance for gay men review

I bought this cologne by Gucci for my man Ramone and it is amazing and makes me want to get physical with him every time I smell it!

My name is Rodney and I am a gay man from Texas.  Yes, I know saying you are gay on the internet is quite blunt, but it is true and I came out of the closet many years ago and I don’t plan on going back in the closet anytime soon.  I love being gay and free and one additional thing I love is the smell of this cologne from Gucci on my man Ramone.

Ramone is of Mexican descent and he works a construction job during the day so he comes home smelling like road tar and body odor.  Oh, I cannot tell you how much I hate the smell of body odor. It just gives me the wiggles and not in a good way.  It gives me the wiggles in a bad way.  And then to throw on top of it the smell of road tar – goodness gracious that is plain smelly.

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But Ramone, he clean up good in the shower and then when I put a little of this Gucci by Gucci Sport cologne on him he just smells so fine I want to wrap myself around him and bury my head in his big muscular shoulders.  I think this cologne is like the smell of awesome sex with your man or something like that.

All Ramone has to do is put a little of this fragrance on himself and I will come running and do anything he wants – I like to please my man.  We met in prison here in South Carolina and have been together ever since.  We then moved to a halfway house and have since gotten jobs and reformed ourselves from our previous criminal careers.

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Ramone was a car thief and drug dealer – he got caught selling drugs to kids, teachers and the principle at a high school near Spartanburg here in South Carolina.  I was a male prostitute and they just didn’t like me here in Spartanburg.  I think the police are anti-gay here.  I mean who cares what a gay man does in private?

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Anyways so Ramone and I are better peoples now and we do real good for ourselves now.  We both have jobs and bring home the bacon.  And I love the fact that we can go out and be accepted by most people (except for law enforcement here in Spartanburg SC as they are always up our ass, but not in a pleasant way).  And when Ramone and I go out we like to look and smell good.

I have used many of these fragrances and colognes in the past, but on Ramone my favorite by far is this new Gucci by Gucci Sport fragrance.  you have to try it for yourself to believe it.  This is the world’s best cologne.  It has to be because I don’t see how anything could possibly smell better and sexier than this cologne on my man Ramone.

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