Harris Teeter Compliment – Grocery Store with Amazing Money Saving Opportunities

About a year ago, I moved from upstate New York to North Carolina.  When I first moved down here, I didn’t have a clue of what the different grocery stores consisted of.  I always shopped at Wegmans Supermarket, P and C, or Tops Supermarket.  I enjoyed being comfortable with the brand names and the specials that each grocery store offered.

I mostly shopped at Wegmans because of the customer service that they provided for their customers.  Not only was the customer service amazing, the quality of their products were top of the chain!  One major part of Wegmans that I loved was their subs.  They were the best I have ever had and were definitely better than Subway, Quiznos, Jimmy Johns, or Jersey Mikes. 

One grocery store that I found when I moved down here to North Carolina was Harris Teeter.  This has been the closest comparison to Wegmans and what I have been comfortable with. A major reason that I have become a fan of Harris Teeter is because of the sale promotion they run weekly. 

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One of the sales promotions they offer weekly is the e-Vic program.  This is a program that requires customers to register their VIC customer loyalty card online.  Once a customer registers their card online, it allows them to get a special item of the week at a lower price than others that may not have an e-Vic.  I usually go ahead and purchase the item of the week because it is usually something I use or something that I planned on buying anyways.

One of the best sale promotions that Harris Teeter offers is the Buy Two, Get Three Free.  They usually have these sales on different items throughout every month.  Last week they had 12 packs of Coke products “Buy Two, Get Three Free”.  This was perfect because I stocked up for an upcoming party that I will be hosting.  The week before that, they had Pepsi 12-packs with the same sales promotion. Other big sale items that they run this promotion on are their 8 oz. bags of shredded cheese, Smithfield bacon, and the Harris Teeter Ice Cream.  They always have many more sales that offer the Buy Two, Get Three Free items each and every week.    

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Another reason I love this awesome sales promotion is that you are able to use coupons on the two items that you are purchasing out of the five total.  I always double check in the Sunday paper for coupons and I also look on Coupons.com to print off coupons to use during my grocery shopping.  Having these great deals and being able to use coupons is a major money saving opportunity.

On top of these other money saving opportunities, Harris Teeter always doubles coupons that value up to $.99.  This means if you have a coupon for $.25 off an item, you would receive $.50 off.  Harris Teeter also offers weeks where they triple coupons up to $.99 cents per coupon.  This is better than their everyday double coupon guarantee because it allows you to triple each coupon for even more savings.

I would recommend anyone to shop at Harris Teeter because of their money saving opportunities and also for their customer service.  If for any chance that an item is out of stock, Harris Teeter will provide you a rain check for up to 3 total quantities of that item or special.  This will allow you to use the rain check for that special item whenever you want because it doesn’t have an expiration date.  You also are able to use the rain checks at any Harris Teeter location which makes it easier if you are closer to a Harris Teeter one day while you are shopping.

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