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Hot fast food restaurant  consumer complaints
Here are some super hot fast food restaurant complaints from our readers and contributors here on!

Here are some of the latest and hottest fast food restaurant complaints that we have received from readers just like you here on the internets number one most trusted source for complaints and reviews –!

1. Bad service at Burger King – I’m not particularly fond of Burger King to begin with is there a much better fast food restaurants out there to get a great burger at, but if I were to receive the service that this person did I would definitely rethink of ever going to a Burger King in the future!

2. Wendy’s restaurants and greasy burgers and food – Well, this one is a given as I’ve eaten at Wendy’s and felt like crap after eating there. They do have very greasy burgers and I basically avoid their fast food restaurants altogether. This person’s complaint definitely takes it to a whole new level, though.

3. McDonalds burgers and fries are unhealthy and can kill you – Whoa! Now, this is quite the complaint, but it’s true in fact – all you have to do is watch the movie Supersize Me and you will see for yourself that the bread and butter of McDonald’s (their hamburgers and fries) can and will kill you if you consume them often enough…

4. Waffle House, undercooked food and racism by their employees – I’ve eaten at several waffle houses over the years and some were clearly better than others. Some I felt like a well treated customer and at others I felt like I didn’t belong and they didn’t want me there. I myself have had terrible service at a waffle House on South Boulevard in Charlotte, NC. Due to that experience I will never venture in to a Waffle House again. Besides I don’t need to as there is a great IHOP really close to where I live. IHOP has far better coffee, pancakes and eggs!

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5. Racism at Taco Bell – I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything quite like this person has, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I don’t like Taco Bell because you have to order 10 servings to get full. And at that level you might as well just go to a real Mexican restaurant and get far better food like Aztec or Monterey.

6. Subway and a burned meatball sub – this actually happened to me also. I went to a Subway restaurant and was served a meatball marinara sub that had burned meatballs in it. They were completely burned but the outside was and it made the sandwich taste horrible. I couldn’t return it because I driven all the way home and didn’t open it up till I got home. I wasn’t about to drive another half an hour to take it back. With Jersey Mike’s, firehouse subs and Jimmy John’s all within close proximity to where I live I don’t have to go back to Subway ever again!

7. TGI Fridays and bad customer service – I’ll tell you this much, if I receive bad service like this I would have just up and walked out of the restaurant. TGI Friday’s is supposed to be an upper-level fast food restaurant. It is supposed to be far better food than a McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Burger King. Their burgers are supposed to be some of the best, but regardless of how good your burgers are if you have bad, bad service like this person found the net makes you worse than the worst of the fast food restaurants.

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8. Friendlys Restaurant is not so friendly – there is another restaurant like TGI Friday’s with terrible customer service. In many cases the staff doesn’t need to be rude directly to a customer they can be rude by just ignoring customers and making him have extra long and unnecessary waits. That is one thing that I cannot stand is waiting forever at a restaurant and receiving crappy service on top of it.

9. Pizza Hut Pizza is disgusting – before I read this complaint I used to like Pizza Hut pizza. I even preferred it to Domino’s and Papa John’s. But after reading about the fly and the pebble or dirt in their pizza that just totally grosses me out. It will be a while before I ever order a Pizza Hut pizza again.

10. OCharleys Restaurant and rude customers – rude and loud customers are never a good thing at a restaurant or any other place for that matter. If something like this occurs in a restaurant than it should be the job of the restaurant manager to send the rude customer’s packing as they are creating a disruptive environment and ruining the atmosphere for good paying customers. I would have definitely told the manager about this.

As you can clearly see in the above listed fast food restaurant complaints, greasy, unhealthy and disgusting food along with bad customer service was the result of all of these complaints. These restaurants listed above could definitely learn from these complaints and changing their policies and procedures at their restaurants. They should fire rude employees, stop cooking and serving unhealthy food, promptly remove rude patrons and tidy up their restaurants a tidbit so that people don’t find pebbles and flies in their food!

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