House Representative Charles Rangel found Guilty of misconduct and lying to the IRS!

Charles Rangel found guilty of misconduct

CHarles Rangel was found guilty of misconduct and not correctly reporting his true income to the IRS!

Apparently U.S. House of Representatives Rep. Charles Rangel was found guilty of misconduct not becoming a politician! That’s kind of funny because most politicians lie, cheat, and steal (look at this article on Obama and how he stole the White House) until they get caught. Then they lie to try and get themselves out of it.

Charles Rangel apparently did not disclose the rental income from his rental property in the Dominican Republic. Plus there were some more shenanigans like misuse of the free mail system at the House of Representatives and Congress, wrongly listing a living space under a business, etc…

At his hearing Charles Rangel complained that he didn’t have legal representation and couldn’t afford to keep the attorneys he had. But if we were to look into his personal finances the man is a millionaire several times over. When the hearing continued despite Cahrles Rangel’s request for a continuance he walked out – this is something that usually only the guilty do.

Think about it. This committee has the power to sanction, limit Charles Rangel’s power and make his life miserable. Would you walk out and not be there to defend yourself if you are not guilty? I certainly wouldn’t. Charles Rangel did. He flat out walked out on this meeting.

Now another thing that interests me here is that if you or I as common American taxpayers were to omit a serious chunk of our income to the IRS, what do you think would happen? We would probably be audited, fined and possibly even imprisoned. Why isn’t it happening here to Rep. Charles Rangel?

He clearly shortchanged the IRS for many years and claims it was a honest mistake, yet he knows that he owns this property in the Dominican Republic and failed to correct report income from it for years. Isn’t that tax fraud? And isn’t the IRS policy to hit public officials and other popular individuals hard with tax court and jail sentences?

Maybe it’s because Charles Rangel was the head of the Ways and Means committee (which determines tax laws and such). Maybe it’s because he’s an extremely powerful black man and the IRS does not want to mess with an elderly black man and the racial implications that could result. I bet if he were white the IRS would have already launched a full scale investigation for tax fraud.

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This just goes to show you that America is not a fair country. We have one set of rules and laws for the rich and another for everyone else. If you can afford powerful attorneys you can get away with tax fraud, DUIs, even possibly murder. But if you cannot afford an attorney you and up with a public defender whose interests nine times out of 10 are not in your best interests.

We have become a country of special-interest groups. It’s not what you or I want. It’s what the Milk producers, grocers, insurance companies, etc… want. And they will do whatever it takes to get what they want. From bribing politicians to stealing votes and even corrupting the whole voting process.

Charles Rangel committed tax fraud by purposely not including rental income of a sizable amount on his income tax returns for years. The IRS needs to step up to the plate and go after him for income tax fraud and evasion. They cannot let him slide by just because he is a powerful black man and was very involved in getting Obama into the White House. But for going to be a true democracy we need to be fair to everyone and stop making exceptions for people like Charles Rangel.

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One Response to House Representative Charles Rangel found Guilty of misconduct and lying to the IRS!

  1. Mark G. on November 17, 2010 at 12:15 PM

    Charles Rangel is a liar. He needs to be arrested and thrown in jail for the rest of his life.

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