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Do you have a grievance? Are you so mad at a company that you want to bring them to their knees? Do you want revenge? Or do you just want to get your money back, be refunded and get the respect you deserve and maybe even an apology on top of it? Whatever has happened or occurred, there is nowhere else on the Internet where you will get the results and impact that you will here on!

We may be newer than some of the other consumer reporting websites, but we are already showing far better results and impact than any other consumer reporting website out there including the Better Business Bureau (which may be a large ponzi scheme and illegal fraud and extortion network as per a complaint by one of our most prolific and respected contributors here on RYC – read about the BBB extortion and fraud complaint.)

If you’ve noticed our rankings and traffic are grown exponentially each and every day thanks to great complaints, reviews and more allcontributed by people just like you!  We also get many e-mails and comments from readers that are very thankful to the contributors that have posted these complaints and reviews.  In many cases, especially with the complaints (like the one on 5 Star Shine), we get reports of people that have saved money and frustration by avoiding these potential or possible scams due to the reports, reviews and complaints they have read here.

This website,, was created especially for the consumer and it’s 100% free and always will be!  So if you are unhappy about a product or service, got ripped off or treated with rude customer service be sure and write and report a complaint here where it will have massive effect and impact forever!   That’s right, we do not remove complaints or reviews unless court ordered to do such.  They stay up on our website forever.  And due to the fact that although these complaints and reviews are real consumer generated content and opinions they are protected 100% by the First Amendment so they will not be coming down – ever!

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We don’t play games like some other consumer reporting websites do where they take payments from employers under the guise of a corporate advocacy program or similar and then the erase or somehow happen to lose any negative reviews or complaints against member companies – that is actually fraud as per the FTC. 

So, the point here is it is easy to make maximum impact and get your complaint heard by millions and have the best possible chance from any consumer reporting website to get your complaint or grievance fixed by posting it here on!  Just go to our easy to use complaint entry form where it even gives examples of what to write and how to write it.  So post your complaint and make a difference – help both yourself and others at the same time!

You can also feel free to post reviews, and if you’ve had a great experience with a company or service, a rave or complement (like this great review of  This will help others figure out which companies to use and which will give them the best products and services.  And it will help them at the same time to avoid scams and fraudulent companies (like this headlight restoration scam reported by one of our contributors recently). 

So, don’t sit back and let yourself get taken advantage of.  Instead make your opinions known for everyone’s benefit by posting them here at the best consumer reporting website and resource out there –!

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