Hungry Howies Pizza – my pizza came with bugs on it

We ordered a pizza to go and got it with crawling bugs on it!

I and a couple of my friends from the university (UNCC – University of North Carolina at Charlotte for the slow people at App. State (anyone can get in there)) got hungry after a coding marathon in the computer lab. So we decided to use a coupon we had for a discounted pizza at Hungry Howie’s Pizza.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza and Subs
8816 University East Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28212

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So we went over to Hungry Howie’s and my friend ordered us a large pepperoni pizza with their garlic herb crust. We got it to go because we were going to eat it back in the computer lab – we had lots of coding to go on our new social dating website. We got our pizza, paid for it and headed out to the car.

When we got inside, one of my friends couldn’t wait and pulled out a slice. It’s a good thing the lights were on in the car still because we saw these little curly bugs on it – you know the kind that if you touch them they curl up into a little ball. And one was long and looked like he had pincers on both ends.

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We were totally grossed out. We took the pizza back in and the guy at the cash register told us we needed to get a life and to get lost. I think he thought that we did this on purpose to get our money back. The problem with that was we still had the whole pizza and every slice with it in the box along with the bugs that came with it.

He was very rude but when we refuse to leave the manager came over, apologized and refunded our money. At first he wanted to know if we wanted another pizza – there was no way I was going to eat another pizza that came from this place when the first pizza had bugs in it. Who knows what we would find in the next pizza.

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So we took our money and left and went to Dominos instead. I am still a little pissed off at the idiot behind the counter that had the gall to tell us to leave and thought we were doing that on purpose putting bugs in our pizza. I just thought it was really gross to see bugs crawling around in the pizza. The bugs were not dead and very much alive so they must’ve gotten on the pizza after they cooked it.

I don’t know but I’ll tell you this – I’m not going back there.

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