Hunter Auto Wrecker and Towing review – bad customer service with a touch of racism.

Hunter Auto Wrecker Service towing review

Hunter Auto Wrecker service gave me a tow with a side of racism.

Recently my truck broke down on the bed area of town near I-85 and the Charlotte airport. I looked up tow truck and wrecker services here in Charlotte North Carolina on my Apple iPhone. Then I contacted Hunter Auto and Wrecker service to have them come tow my car for me.

I didn’t believe my car where it was on the side of the street because it could easily get hit come night time. It was also in a bad area of Charlotte where I am sure my truck would have gotten broken into during the night if I had left it there. So I needed to get it removed as soon as possible. The guy I talked to at Hunter said he would send someone right over and they would be there within half an hour.

I waited and waited. After an hour I called Hunter Towing back up and they told me that they had gone to my truck and that I wasn’t there. That was a complete lie because I hadn’t left my truck. I was right there sitting in my truck on the side of the road waiting for them.

I explained that to the individual was talking to but he said he believes his tow truck driver and that I wasn’t there when they came by. Whatever. Anyway, they said they would send another tow truck and driver out to me. So I waited again and after another hour and 20 minutes the guy didn’t really show up this time.

He was a definite redneck and liked cracking jokes about the local people that were walking by and hang out nearby. Even though I was white, it’s obvious to anyone that all the people hanging out nearby other than myself and the tow truck driver were black. The way this tow truck driver was cracking jokes about the local nearby people was not in a very favorable tone.

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Instead it was more of a very racist tone and it became blatantly racist as time went on. He use certain terms that begin with the letter N and I will not repeat here because I am also offended by this as I am in a biracial family. I didn’t say anything because I’m sure that the guy driving the total truck for Hunter would probably damage my truck or drop it off some where it wasn’t supposed to be dropped off.

Regardless of how you look at it and regardless of the color of your skin racism is bad on any level and is very offensive. In this day and age we should be long past this behavior, but unfortunately it still exists in our society as was clearly evident in the behavior of this tow truck driver from Hunter Auto & Wrecker Service.

I will definitely in the future if I ever need to use a towing company used another one rather than Hunter. I do not support racism by companies or their employees and m actually against it.

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