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Free Radio Station Streaming Application For Any Smartphone

I moved to Arizona about a month ago and one thing that bugs me is not being able to have the radio stations from back home in Calorado.  I used to listen to 96.1 The Beat in Calorado Springs, but I loved the remix jams they did during the week night radio programs.  I looked around at a couple ways that I would be able to pick up this radio station in my car and house.

I first looked into SERIUS satellite radio because my brother in law has it and loves it.  If I was going to get SIRIUS satellite radio, I would want to get the package that also includes listen to my favorite hockey team, Buffalo Sabres, broadcasts.  The package that I would get would then be about $12.95 monthly fee and I didn’t feel like paying over $150 dollars a year just to listen to these broadcasts.

I also looked into XM radio, but this also costs around $12.95 a month due to the recent increase in monthly subscription costs.  After looking into the ridiculous prices of satellite radio, I decided I would dig around a little bit more and see what I could find maybe for cheaper than the price I found with SIRUS radio and XM radio.    


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I later found a free radio application that I could just install on my iPhone and stream 96.1 The Beat right to my iPhone.  The application is called iheartradio and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.  I was very excited to find out I could listen to any radio station I wanted to from any state and not be charged a single penny for using it.

The other part I love is that since I always have my iPhone on me, I always have a radio at my fingertips.  My friends always have me play some of the radio stations that are from their hometowns and it is always cool to relive some of their memories.  Another great part of iheartradio is that you are able to download it on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Chumby or your Sonos. I recommend everyone to download this free radio application and enjoy the free radio stations all across the country.

Anyone can also go to iheartradio.com and use the application directly from the website.  This allows users who don’t own a smart phone, to use it on their home computers.  Just another great reason I love iheartradio!!

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