IKEA Pruta plastic food storage containers review – these reusable plastic food containers are great and very cheap!

IKEA Pruta food storage containers review

I bought the IKEA Pruta food storage containers for $4.99 for 17 of them and it turned out to be an amazing deal!

The family and I happened to go to IKEA a few weeks ago and while I was there I saw this great deal they had on these little green Pruda food savers. They are basically the IKEA version of Gladware or Tupperware reusable plastic food containers. When I saw that you get 17 pieces of these things (that means 17 containers with lids) I just had to buy them and I actually bought 2 of them!

The only thing I was worried about is how they would hold up in the microwave oven and the washing machine. In the past I have had some cheap plastic food containers that got ruined primarily from the microwave, but also from the high heat in the washing machine. Usually the containers would outlast the lids as the lids would shrink in tea form when exposed to the microwave or the dishwasher.

The first thing I noticed when I took the IKEA Pruda plastic storage containers and started putting them away was that the lids were not of the highest quality. They did feel a little bit flimsy, but I’ve had some expensive Tupperware lids that felt great and heavier than others but that did not perform well in the microwave.

My wife started using the IKEA food savers to store leftovers and they work great for that in the refrigerator. They came with many different sizes so I can fit a whole meal for all four of us in one of the bigger ones, and the smaller ones I can fill with boiled eggs or tomatoes.

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When I used these food containers in the microwave I found that they did not work and they were actually quite sturdy. They were just as good as the name brand ones you can buy at Harris Teeter for $3 or more each! I paid five dollars for 17 and it’s unbelievable that Harris Teeter has similar plastic food containers on sale for three dollars or more each!

The IKEA food storage containers seal very easily and maintain their seal in the fridge. I’ve also used them recently in the freezer and they work great in there too. I have had some Tupperware containers in the past that did not work too well in the freezer and would allow my food to get freezer burn.

These IKEAplastic food containers definitely exceeded my expectations and are a great buy at $4.99 for 17 containers and lids. If you have an IKEA near you you need to go down there and snap up some of these is that price may not last!

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2 Responses to IKEA Pruta plastic food storage containers review – these reusable plastic food containers are great and very cheap!

  1. Angie on November 7, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    They have a similar red set at Target for a little less, but it comes with 12 containers and not 17. I still prefer the better made name brand ones.

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  2. meghan on November 28, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    wow..that is awesome!! i think i may have to swing by there and get some!! thanks for the idea!

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