IKEA Rude Customer Service – Home Furniture Store Where The Customer Is Not Always Right!


How many of you have a bunch of company over around the holiday season? I bet that’s a lot of you! I am one of the many people who love to have people over to my house around the holidays as well. However, I do hate always having a huge pile of shoes in front of the door and having people trip over them constantly. The only way that I could think of to fix this was to look for a cheap shoe rack at one of the many stores that I always go to.

 I thought to myself, this shoe rack doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to hold shoes and keep them organized. First I started looking online at all the different stores to see the options and prices that were available. There were prices all the way from $50 to $5! I thought to myself, who would be crazy enough to buy a $50 shoe rack?! But then I realized that the shoe rack that was $50 was from Ikea and that it also matched the shelf that I had bought from there a few months back. I thought long and hard about the decision of whether to get the $50 shoe rack or the $5 shoe rack, which Ikea also had.

 I made my final decision that I was going to buy the $5 shoe rack, and wait until I got a house where I would have more room for the $50 shoe rack. I was so excited that I had finally made my choice on which shoe rack I was going to buy that I didn’t even write down what brand it was or any other information about where I can find the shoe racks at Ikea. I had a pretty basic idea where there were, so I went to where thought they were and I found 5 other shoe racks, but I could not for the life of me find the one that I was actually there to buy.

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 I went up to a customer service desk in the department that all of the other shoe racks were in and she started ranting to me about how “It’s always a good idea to write down the information even if you think you know where it is, because it could be an online exclusive” I then put her right back in her place and said “Well, it wasn’t an online exclusive because I could not purchase it online.” I just stood there as she proceeded to completely disregard the old saying “the customer’s always right!” After she was done ranting she finally just told me where I could find the shoe rack to buy.

 After I walked away from her I thought to myself, whatever happened to common courtesy? Usually when a customer goes up to an employee they just go along with what the customer says and talks about it with their coworkers later on, rather than standing there arguing with the customer. I didn’t mention the fact that the Ikea company was based in Sweden and all of the product names are in Swedish. This little detail makes it very hard to remember a product name. And it also makes it harder to communicate to the employees exactly what you are looking for because everyone pronounces the product names a different way.

 Needless to say, I will always remember to look up and write down the product names, locations, and prices of items that I would like to buy at Ikea rather than being treated like I am stupid by an employee, when in reality I do know what I am looking for, they just really don’t have a good system for customer’s to find a specific product. So, take this word of advice if you are ever thinking about shopping at Ikea, write down all of the product information and know where your items are in the store before you go there, you could get lost!! Happy shopping, and good luck putting the products together!

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One Response to IKEA Rude Customer Service – Home Furniture Store Where The Customer Is Not Always Right!

  1. Eamonn on April 10, 2012 at 4:30 PM

    So to summarize, you’re incapable of following very basic instructions, and the grand conclusion that you’ve come to regarding how to succeed at IKEA is exactly the same thing that the customer service person whose time you so thoroughly wasted told you. Bravo.

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