Iredell Memorial Hospital Complaint – Should be rated the worst hospital in the world!

Yesterday my sister was taken into the emergency room at Iredell Memorial Hospital.  Her symptoms were pains in her lower right abdomen and sharp pains in her ribs.  She was felt nauseous so we decided it was smart to take her to the emergency room since it was around 1:30am Sunday morning.  The closest hospital around was Iredell Memorial hospital so we took her straight there.

When we got there it took about 20 minutes before she was taken into a room.  After she was checked over and the doctor decided it was her appendix, she was admitted for emergency surgery.  When we found out it was her appendix, surgery was scheduled for 8 am that morning.  I had gone home and her boyfriend had stayed overnight with her.

I had gone back to Iredell Memorial Hospital at 7:30 that morning and talked a little bit to my sister before she was taken into surgery.  The nurses had told us that we could wait in the waiting room that was right near the entry to the surgery area.  We were waiting there for 2.5 hours waiting and wondering what was taking so long.  We saw a doctor that had walked by and had asked him if he could check and see the status of my sister.

When he came back he had told me that one of the nurses would be calling the phone that was located in the waiting room.  It was going on three hours and we still didn’t hear a single word from anybody.  A nurse then had entered into the waiting room and we had asked her what the status was on my sister.  Her response made my mouth drop!  She told us that she was brought up to a recovery room about 20 minutes ago.

We told her that we had been waiting there the entire time and she could only apologize to us for not notifying us that she was being moved to her recovery room.  I was so pissed off because my sister had woken up out of anesthesia without anyone being there with her.  I thought that was bad but it got worse.  I didn’t find out what room she was in from any nurse or doctor, but from my own sister texting me!!  This hospital is one of the worse hospitals I have ever been to.

If you think that waiting over 3 hours for a family member to get out of surgery and not being notified where she was is bad? The story keeps going on from there.  When she was in the recovery room, she had a nurse and a CNA.  The nurse had come into the room and asked how she was feeling and my sister was in a lot of pain from the CO2 that was given to her to inflame her organs during the surgery.  The nurse had told her that the only way for the gas to escape was to get up and walk around.  She took the nurse’s recommendation and got up to walk.

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The nurse didn’t even try to help her up out of the bed and expected her to be able to just get up and walk.  After my sister had walked around a little bit, she had gone back to lying in bed so she could rest.  She had asked the nurse for more pain medicine and she said she would go get some for her.  25 minutes later the nurse walked back into the room like my sister didn’t even ask her for pain medicine.  When my sister asked again she finally brought it back for her to take. 

All afternoon my sister just waited minute after minute, hour after hour for pain medication and assistance.  Another example of how the nurses were horrible was when they brought in the other medications that my sister took on a regular basis.  The nurse brought in a jug of water and my sister started to drink it and almost gagged.  My sister told the nurse that the water tasted discussing and the nurse responded that it was city water.  My sister asked if they had anything else and the nurse said no.  My sister asked for Gatorade or any kinds of juice because the water tasted like toilet bowl water. 

The nurses at Iredell Memorial Hospital get paid to sit on their asses all day and night and don’t care about their patients.  Before I left the hospital that night at 11:00pm, my sister’s monitor was beeping because she needed the IV bag changed.  The nurse had told me that the machine would page her phone when it went off so don’t worry about calling her.  It took an hour for the nurse to come into the room and change the bag.

On top of waiting for a nurse for medicine and changing her IV bag, the nurse didn’t even come into the room to check on the restroom.  This hospital has the toilet so you pee inside of a bowl for the nurses to make sure her fluid color was healthy.  I had to help my sister by putting gloves on and dumping the pee so she could go to the bathroom again.  No nurse had told her to get up and walk after the first time, so it was just like I was her own nurse.

As I was getting ready the next morning to head back to the hospital, I received a phone call from my sister telling me they were releasing her.  I almost had a heart attack!!  She just had surgery at 8am yesterday and she was being released the next day!  I know having your appendix removed is more of a routine surgery than many other surgeries, but to be released especially when they only looked at her incisions once and she was only peeing as a bowl movement.  If anyone has to take anyone to Iredell Memorial Hospital, think again!!!  The staff at this hospital is rude, horrible, and inconsiderate!!

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2 Responses to Iredell Memorial Hospital Complaint – Should be rated the worst hospital in the world!

  1. MIke on February 8, 2011 at 2:21 AM

    Iredell hospital can all screw themselves. I waited 4 hours not being able to breath just to get a inhaler and sent home. So now I am only supposed to take 2 puffs ever four hours. OKay so the 2 puffs helped but withing in 15 minutes I am having breathing issues. To be nice and not get my mouth in trouble I will stop here.

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  2. william trout on June 19, 2012 at 5:32 PM

    i feel your pain. i,just releast,after a hip replacement. i believe all patients are treated wrong . i,am no attorney. but i am going to sue nurses and cnas for hospitol malpractice. please contact me, because as in my case, while sleeping i was hit in my chest with a pusutton phone.this needs to be stopped .to hire an attorny, we mise well just flush it. thank you Bill Trout phone828-406-1700.

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