President Obama’s virtual gerbils game – now you too can play with Obama’s virtual gerbil!

President Obama virtual pet gerbil game

If you like Gerbils and you want to play with Obama’s virtual pet gerbil then you need to check this out!


Check out Obama’s possibly favorite past time – playing with his virtual pet gerbil. Have fun feeding and taking care of Obama’s favorite pet little Freddy the gerbil. Click on the button in the center of his wheel to get him to run. Click anywhere on his page to feed him. Remember, its virtual so there are no food costs, real healthcare costs or voter polls to worry about. So feed him as much as you like and run him as often as you want as he will never get tired (He’s just like the typical democrat politician – they never tire of raising taxes):

Obama’s favorite virtual pet gerbil will keep you company throughout the day. Watch him run on his wheel, drink water, and eat the food you feed him by clicking your mouse. Click the center of the wheel to make him get back on it. He is Obama’s perfect envisionment of the middle class taxpayer – he doesn’t complain about taxes and higher prices. He just listens and follows your every command. This is what Obama and other politicians want is a middle class that continues to foot our ever increasing taxes and doesn’t ever do anything about it. And Obama can count on him for his vote in his reelection because he is too much of a gerbil to know any better.

Disclaimer: I SteveO12 posted this entry and game and take full responsability for it. Obama is in no way associated with this game nor do I know if he really does play with virtual or real gerbils, I just think that with his history of bad decisions that gerbils may be where he is going lately for advice.

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